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Is it Normal?

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So BM and DH were never married, just lived together and had SD.

Yesterday BM texts me to say SD was going to urgent care for a rash on her head (possibly from reaction of medicine she is taking).

But is it really normal for her to call DH mom to tell her as well? BM and DH's mom were never close, and do not have any relationship whatsoever and DH's family does not like BH due to many issues and hardships she caused for DH.

I said to DH isn't that something we should call and tell your mom about?

BM keeps asking for money

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So DH pays child support, however, BM keeps asking for more money. 

BM does not work, only her DH does. So I personally feel that since she cannot keep a job it is not our responsibility to keep shelling out money so BM can sit and home and just buy SD things and then come asking for money for it.

We have no issue buying SD things, I personally have bought her things with my own money no problem, I have a good job and happy to do so and do it because I want to. (keep in mind DH and I are engaged not married).

Can't Win

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So SD ( 9 yo)  came to visit for the weekend, she had her crocs and pair of white tennis shoes that she brought. The white shoes were sitting on the floor and I looked down and thought to myself why did she bring her old white shoes from the summertime, when we bought her a new pair of shoes? So we took SD and my daughter to the fair, I see SD walking around with shoes untied, I said to her let me tie those for you.

she loves her steak

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Anyone have a stepchild who most always wants to order a full New York Strip Steak dinner when you go to dinner.

I am okay with it once in awhile, but not every single time. And yes both her dad and I share in paying for dinners, but paying for a $20 plus meal always is a bit much. 

Who Knew

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Who knew there was a site like this for us bonus paren'ts to vent on!

My SO and I have been dating almost two years we were engaged last month.

He has a 9 yo daughter who lives out of state so she only visits about 12-15 weeks throughout the year.

SO moved into my home, so SD stays with us when she is visiting. I went and painted a room for her (pink) and she decided she did not like it because her room at home is pink. Not sure why I am supposed to change the color of her room after spending the money to have it painted for her.