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Here we go

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Have not had to post in awhile-no headaches until of course we reach out to BM about summer dates and our wedding.

She of course does not want to accomodate- and is making things difficult. Doesn't like the timeframe for summer and wants to change it, even though SD has come the same time frame the last few years. We need her here so we can get her dress ordered for the wedding.

Who Knows

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So SD9 comes to visit for the holidays. Seems like with each visit things get better which is great. 

The only thing we really tried discussing with her during this visit is trying to understand why she never calls or texts DH.

He may hear from her once or possibly twice a week. We ask why she does not call or text - no answer.

So DH decided well since you do not call me, then we are going to spend time together so you are not going to use your phone or iPad during visit. 

Advice Needed

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Anyone else have the situation of when Skids come they do not like or complain about almost everything you make for meals? (mostly dinner) I get it kids don't like everything but between DH, myself, and my daughter we pretty much eat whatever is made whether it be by DH or myself (and sometimes daughter). But when SD comes she is very picky, doesnt like mexican, chinese, really doesnt like fruit or vegtables and at times it can be difficult and stressful to accomodate her and then my daughter feels that we can't have what she likes for dinner because of SD.

And another thing..

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Is it normal for a BM to text DH every week about something, I get when the topic is relevant, but it always seems like it is something irrelevant (like the sick cat). Sometimes it is just sooo annoying, even he gets annoyed. Like why does she have to text on a Friday evening at 9 or 10 at night, I keep saying to DH like where's her husband ?!?! I'll tell him does she like realize you aren't together anymore? I don't know I just know when I was in a relationship with someone and we broke up the last thing I wanted to do was talk to him.

I just put my hands up

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So this past weekend we went to dinner with DH's sister and husband. SD calls and DH gives phone to his sister so that she can say hello to SD. While SD is on phone with his siter she hangs up, we try to call back no answer. Then a minute or two later BM texts DH saying she is taking SD to hospital. We were all like why? His sister said she sounded fine on the phone. Well apparently SD9 who got her ears pierced (has two holes now) has irrated ears. DH text her back and says yah you know she can't wear certain earrings because they will irritate her ears because of the metal.

just don't know what to think

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So we live over 5 hours (under 10) from SD , so BM sends me a text yesterday stating she sent the same text already to DH basically saying that she wishes we could coparent better (umm I personally think we coparent just fine being so far away) and wishes we could come this weekend for their Halloween party and surprise SD. Maybe it is easy for some to do, but we can''t just pick up and go away like that.

only when it benefits BM

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So back story first, last March BM wanted us to take SD for an extra week so that her and husband could go away for the week on some trip so she could go on business trip with her husband, at that time it was well okay for SD to miss a week of school.

So last night we tell SD that we are getting married 9.8.23, she then says mom will not let me wiss an entire week of school, sorry.

(SD lives out of state), even though she will already be here for Labor Day, there is no school on Monday, so technically she would only miss 4 days of school. 

Odd Question

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So just thought I'd share this for more of a laugh. SD came to visit and the one day she asks me in front of DH and my daughter..."So do you own your home or rent it?" lol ... now what 9 year old would even ask someone that...I told DH that must have been a provoked question from BM ... he says ya probably ...SMH some people are so nosy and odd...

Is it Normal?

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So BM and DH were never married, just lived together and had SD.

Yesterday BM texts me to say SD was going to urgent care for a rash on her head (possibly from reaction of medicine she is taking).

But is it really normal for her to call DH mom to tell her as well? BM and DH's mom were never close, and do not have any relationship whatsoever and DH's family does not like BH due to many issues and hardships she caused for DH.

I said to DH isn't that something we should call and tell your mom about?