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Needy Skids!

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Does anyone else have skids that are SUPER needy towards their non-custodial parent?

I'm trying to not get annoyed and look at it from the kids viewpoint that maybe he misses his dad, but I'm struggling a bit with this since SO won't do anything.

Although stepson(almost 15) lives with his mother and only visits every other weekend as well as 1 night a week during the school year, whenever he wants or needs something, he texts dad, constantly!

Disconnected from his "other family"

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I've posted before about my disengagement from my skids due to not having any say over how they are treated, how they act when they are with us and the defensiveness that SO gets whenever I bring it up.

Sometimes I just let it roll off my back and not bother me, but there are other times, like now that it really, really bugs me. I guess PMSing probably doesn't help! LOL