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Life Before BM (Just a little humor)

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Slides or pumps?
Pearls or Garnets?
Hair up or down?
Dance performance or art gallery?
Barbeque or picnic?
Dad's or brother's house?
Joe or Tony?
Thongs or nothing at all???????

Life Now
Kids museum or kids festival?
6x or 7?
Will BM throw out or not?
Psych Eval or Shotgun?
Are the bird cages locked, or not?
Gas on or not?
Bath or put to bed dirty?
Time out or good old fashioned spanking?

Front door or Back door? (Escape faster:)


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funny, i still do all the things listed in the first list.only i've added to the list:
martini or whiskey straight up?
straight jacket or xanex?
answer the phone panting(from sexy stuff) when BM calls or don't answer at all?