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Dear Husband, I dont give a flying f#*!

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I did your laundry for the for the first 5 years we were married. There was only 3 of us then and DS was my kid so of course I took care of him. I continued doing everyone's laundry when our DDwas born almost 8 years ago. That was laundry for for 4. Five years ago when SS moved in with us and you lost your job is the first time I asked for help. Laundry for five is a lot harder when you're working 50 hours a week. Imagine my surprise when I could not convince you to do anything around the house let alone laundry. Kids were in school and daycare those first 6 months.

I don't truly feel bad for you and I don't feel like your husband cheated.

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I have a friend that's going through a bitter nasty divorce. He "cheated" on her. As much as I listen to her I don't pity or feel that bad for her. Hear Me out and tell me if you think I'm wrong:

They are military and they had an open marriage. They have swapped partners with other couples. Invited other signals into their marital bed. Call me old fashion but I think when you do this you open yourself up to the possibility of somebody falling in love with someone else.

Why do you care what they want to do with thier money?

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It's still bothering me a month later so I have to vent.

My mother and my father in law stated last year they would rather spend the kids Christmas money for them to do something rather than buying them toys and things they don't need. Kids came up with a plan to save their money for Disney last spring and father in law and my mother thought this was a fantastic idea :

Does it bother anyone else when DH goes through thier purse?

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It really bothers me I don't care what you're looking for. It's MY purse. Freaking ask first. I have said numerous times it bothers me. If you ask me for something like a lighter or keys (which are usually hanging up unless I am carrying in) and I say it's in my purse you can get them out then that's fine. But that doesn't give you free range to enter at will. Its not that I keep anything in there I need to hide. Right now I have 60 bucks cash I need to put in my secret lock box for black friday that don't want him pilfering.

DH always rationalizes SS10's behavior or covers for him.

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I'm tired of it. This kid does not s*** gold bricks. He's not perfect and I don't expect him to be. I love him as my own and I treat him as my own no matter if he does something right or wrong.

When my bio son was young we lived in Italy. While we were there they converted from lira to euros. This is before step son was even born. My son had a bank which I dumped all the leftover lira I had in. I thought maybe he would like it one day since he was born and lived there.

Stop feigning ignorance DH!

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DH and SS10 go to inlaws for football Sunday. I elect to Stay home with DS13 our DD7 and DD1 (literally we are at the inlaws house EVERY weekend sometimes two or 3 days if you include Friday niht ).DD7 was invited to a fall festival with a neighbor girl so she had to be here anyways to wait. The family ended up ditching her and she was pretty upset so I rented R.I.P.D and made some popcorn to male her feel better. DH and SS get home and want to watch

Screw you "DH". I hate you and the horse you rode in on!

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5 years ago my husband randomly changed and became a different person. This happened after my stepson moved in wth us and was diagnosed with high functioning autism. "Dear Husband" And I use that term loosely, Started mimickinghis autism related behaviors. Suddenly my husband started forgetting everything, weather was taking shoes off when he came in the house, to plans that we had. Everythings become an argument he has the retention of a gnat. Months before SS moved in with us DH was laid off. Since then he hasnt worked for more than a cumulative 9 month period.