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Transition Day

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Ugh I hate this day in school holidays. I'm trying to prepare dinner for tonight and DH and Toxic BM has not communicated to each other when she is arriving to pick the the skids. How hard is it to send a text and ask her?? DH just said to cook for them because no doubt she won't rock up till later tonight. It's supposed to be 3pm?? The time is 2.41pm as I type this! She better rock up and pick them up. It's their first day of school back tomorrow and she already texted earlier this week trying to get out of it but I put my foot down. I would be the one organising it if DH said yes, and it's her bloody day to have them. For once she can be a parent and organise them for the start of the school year. Im sick of us doing it. She better arrive soon or DH better text her! Grrr. Anyway that's my rant.

I don't know if it's my hormones or the fact I'm so sick of having them in the house 7 says straight this week, but Lord give me strength not to throw this kitchen knife into the wall. 


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Hah she is trying to figure out how to get here to pick them up. If my DH wants to 'get rid of them' he can drop them to her 25 mins away. What a joke. Well DH is angry and said 'I can't we have meat cooking and we have dinner plans at 6'. It's a public holiday here so she's clearly on her ass drinking, knowing it was her night to pick up the kids. HCBM here at her finest. Putting alcohol before her kids and hoping we would just have them if she says she can't get there. Not happy. 

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Well he was so annoyed at her and knew she was playing games. She said she would try and get to our place at 6pm and he just replied with see you in an hour. Then all of a sudden she said 'I'll get them now, I'll be there ASAP?' OMG. She could have done that 2 hours ago?? He was so angry at her game playing. He turned to me and said that he's decided to leave work and drop in and meet the kids at the school tomorrow morning for their first day. When the kids said to him see you tomorrow infront of BM she straight away questioned them and he quickly shut the door on her and locked it. Haha! We both looked at each other and laughed. She would be so annoyed because he told her we couldn't do her the favour of having them the night and take them to school, but he can still drop in and see them at school. I'm so glad he came to his senses and sorted her out. It just annoys me it takes him to the hour before pick up to text her. I suppose he dreads it though. 

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Grr....  i dont blame you for being mad.  Our BM was quite prompt in dropping them off on Fridays after school, I fully expected her to just slow down and dump them out, she was in such a hurry. She wouldn't ever pick them up but on the bright side, DH could leave at the right time so departure time was safe.

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That's good though. Sometimes it's just easier to drop them off so the stress of waiting around isn't there. I was so annoyed yesterday, I was willing for DH to drop them but he was stubborn and made her pick them up in the end. He must have seen how pissed off I was chopping the potatoes and texted her just after I posted this.