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Rant about washing

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Ok a bit of a rant. I do the washing in the household. DH works full time and I'm a SAHM studying full time. So all I ask of the skids is to put their dirty washing in their hampers and the week they are gone, I wash it for them. 

SD9 washing is starting to really tick me off. I am forever throwing out socks that are too far soiled for the washing machine. Her shorts are caked in mud. Her jumpers and tops all have ridiculous amount of food on them. Like, I know kids can be messy. But not even my 2 year old is this messy. Not even SS who actually plays sports gets his stuff this muddy! 

Anyway I ranted to DH I'm sick of us buying SD clothes and her not looking after them.. not to mention the rags she comes back with from BMs I have to wash is an effing joke. I took a photo of 3 pairs of mud caked socks and her denim shorts caked in dirt and mud and sent a text to DH saying 'please explain?!' And he said oh mud from footy. Umm She doesn't even play?? And I said 'But 3 pairs of socks in a week?!' And I said 'doesn't she wear shoes???!' I don't understand, does she take her shoes off and decide to run around with a bunch of 10 year olds in mud wearing only socks?? DH didn't respond. *eye roll*

Anyway I had no choice but to chuck them. They were too soiled to soak and wash IMO. Bought some brand new socks for both skids, SS is pretty good he just grows out of his stuff, but SD.. it's a case of just not looking after her things. Anyway rant over. 


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There is no excuse for a nine-year-old to be so careless with her clothing. You have rightly stated that your toddler, at two years of age, is not as messy as your SD! Clearly, the girl assumes that her socks and other items of ruined clothing will be replaced with new things; she has no reason to think otherwise. I suggest that you stop replenishing the socks that have been (deliberately?) muddied up. 

I suggest that, in the future, you hand filthy socks to your SD and let her wash off the worst of the mud. You can then run them through the washing machine to get rid of whatever remaining stains can be removed and let her wear the grubby result. Most children, if they were provided with brand new clothing any time they trashed their old garb, would be just as cavalier. Your SD will not enjoy wearing nasty, stained socks!

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Yes I am soft in that way that I just replenish her things when she doesn't look after them. I will definitely stop after this shop of her socks. Good idea about making her wash them. She probably wouldn't care to be honest wearing muddy socks as her mother lives in filth but I'll give it a go next time.

She thanked me for them and I mentioned her mud caked ones and she looked at me confused like she has no idea what I'm talking about. She might not, it was over a week ago and honestly not the sharpest tool in the shed. But I've told her and when it happens again I have some basis to go on. 

I showed DH the state of her drink bottle and material lunch box from BMs and he chucked it out. It used to be a cream colour and now black! It's disgusting and she accepts it and Im trying to get DH to educate her more it's not acceptable. I feel like it's just hard as her mother doesn't set the standard so she's probably thinking well why should she sort of thing. 

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And all muddy items.

my sil said she trained all her kids to hand scrub their school shoes when they got dirty as they're meant to be white as per school uniform. 

Her husbands kids from first marriage never were taught to clean shoes and would throw them in washing machine together with clothes.

my ss did this and it's disgusting when you have kids/baby clothes to wash

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Well she's 9 now so I personally would welcome her to the world of "you're now old enough to wash your own clothes' 

Oversee her over course so she doesnt tear sh*t up but I would not and do not wash step kids laudry because I'll be damned I do any more free house labor or cater to those step kids any more than I'm already doing. Basically, it's beyond my paygrade (my soon to be ex is cheap af and so he'll have to get someone else to do his kids laundry). 

If you don't want to teach her how to wash, give step daughter some grocery bags and send that dirty mess right back to her mother. Or let your DH do it.

*also get some washing machine tablets that clean all the gunk out after their beyond dirty clothes go in there.

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One hundred percent this. And she wouldn't be allowed to sit on the furniture with overalls covered in mud clumps from footy. Maybe hubby can buy her a bag of super cheap thrift store clothing if she keeps wrecking it.

Don't buy her any yourself and yes she can do laundry or stuff in a bag to send home. 

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Dad needs to supervise this otherwise all that mud will go into the washer. Washer machines are more expensive then clothes.

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I like the idea of sending her really gross disgusting dirty things back home with her. And if that's not an option, then definitely I would have her start doing her own laundry. I mean seriously let's all think about how easy it is to do laundry in the 21st-century we throw it all in the washing machine we throw some detergent and we hit the start button then we move things over to the dryer and hit the start button. Yes we might have to pre-spot some stains but that's about it and thirdly there's no way in hell I'd spend my own money buying new socks that should come out of your husbands money.

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I've started getting into the habit of telling my skids to take home their laundry. Only the clothes that we bought them will I wash which is only like a days worth of clothing every other week. Lately they've stopped taking their clothes home like they're supposed, they throw their clothes even the clean ones I wash on the floor. When their dad sees the mess he yells at them to clean up and they just toss everything clean or dirty in the hamper. I take the clothes and toss them back  on their floor or pack them for BM to wash.Let him deal with their mess, let there BM deal with their laundry, I have a newborn and I don't need the extra load... literally.

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It's time to teach your skids how to do laundry. I'm shocked at how many skids don't know this basic life skill. Make SD rinse and pretreat her muddy clothes -  hold her accountable and she'll start being more careful about such things. You may handle the "everday" laundry, but it's not okay for SD to be creating extra work for you and she shouldn't be rewarded for it with endless replacements.


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Thanks for all the advice and totally agree she can now wash her clothes. SS is 11 soon and he has the life skills of a small child so he will hate that he has to wash his clothes too. He is lazy, would rather starve then make himself breakfast sort of thing. 
I'll have a chat with DH and get her educated on washing her mud caked clothes. I will send BMs back in a plastic bag unwashed too.