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Bratty SS

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Oh my what a week of SS. SS can seriously stay at BMs for the next few months. He was hanging off DH for attention 7 days straight. When DH was not around.. he was a little sh*t. I'm sorry but I was at my wits end by the end of tonight. He refused to listen to me when I asked him to please turn the TV down, then put his hands over his ears and yelled 'La La La' when I told him off for throwing the remote at his sister in a tantrum while DH was in the shower. He demanded me multiple times when dinner was ready through the week behind DH's back, and argued with me profusely when I was trying to have a conversation to SD about her school work (butting in and lecturing me). The kid is 8 years old and thinks I'm an idiot and can't see what he's doing.

I have decided to throw back his bull crap in his face now and it's funny how his story back tracks really quick. I asked him to grab his reading folder out for DH to sign and he lied to me saying it was still in his classroom with the teacher as it was all done. I sighed and said 'oh good, I'll tell Dad not to worry, he must have already done it' and he quickly said 'oh wait - here it is' and passed it to me, realising his lie would catch him out. I cut up apple for their fruit and he asked what apple I gave them, and I shrugged and said the red ones and he said 'oh I wanted the green ones I got daddy to buy for me yesterday'. I shrugged and said 'oh I didn't know, oh well just have one of those green ones tomorrow'. Tonight he said to me 'Oh so the teacher accidentally forgot it was fruit time and continued our math lesson into it, so I didn't get to eat my fruit. I will tomorrow though'.  Does he think I'm stupid? He purposely didn't eat that apple and lied saying the teacher forgot fruit time. There is no way a teacher would forget a class of 30 needs to eat fruit when it's in their curriculum to do it. So I'm going to peel all the remaining red apples and green apples for my baby's fruit tomorrow morning. He can take his lucky dip pick from the bowl before I cook them. I told DH he can sort his kids out in the morning, so he's taking the morning off of work to get them ready and take them to school. I'm done.


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Next time he gives you crap, hold up your phone like you're going to video him. That should shut him up.