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What if finally disengaging means the end?

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If you've followed me at all...I probably seem like a very angry rude person. Which in reality is NOT me at all.  I realized I have been off & on this site for almost a year.  Nothing has gotten better. I have communicated more with my DH and it brings frustration because he doesn't seem to hear any of it. Says he does...apologizes. And then same $hit each week SS11 is here. Not sure how else to get it across to him. So finally starting to give up. 

Disengagement update - Slow but steady

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Well I have come to terms with letting go of some control over everything.  Meaning...I have slowly been making changes.  Not saying they are right or wrong but they seem to be working for me a little.  I do try avoidance whenever I can.  But when that is impossible instead of me saying something to my SS10 he doesn't think I'm picking on him... I simply ask my husband to.

Thanks Karma lol

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Just needed to say that drinking is not the answer. Especially today. Lol. I decided to stop for a drink at my local after work before going home to deal with my DH & SS. I was in a good mood. Pull into parking lot and my MIL is there. *Sigh* 

Seems the issue really can't be avoided. Haha. Not sure which situation is worse. Lol.

New here & Mixed emotions. How do I feel better?

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Well - I am SO glad I came across this site. I have felt AWFUL the past year or so dealing with the feelings I have towards my SS10.  My DH and I have been together about 5 years, married almost 3.  I have a BD16 and it took her awhile to adjust to the situation.  At first I spoiled my SS.  We had a really great relationship.  My DH would have him when he wasn't working.  Then after awhile he changed jobs which allowed him to have SS more. I was always for it.  I even helped/pushed him to get 50/50.  The BM is a piece of work.