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O/T: way for starving student to earn money if she hasn't gotten any bites on applications

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My DD19 is doing really well in university and has shown a great work ethic over the last several months. While at home, she got up at 5:30 every morning to work full time and then babysat on weekends to earn her tuition and rent for this school year. DD returned to her university city and has applied for tons of jobs. I know, because she was getting desperate and I helped her apply. DD is very upset, because she needs money and she's not getting call backs and she's not getting results when she checks on her applications.

Has anyone found ways of earning money during their starving student years? I don't like the idea of DD posting ads because I cringe at the thought of her going to strange people's houses. I also warned DD that working online ads are usually bullshit. I wouldn't mind earning some extra cash myself.

Has anyone found ways of earning money when they're crapping out on job applications?


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Couple of Ideas: 

- check with different departments to see if they have tutoring programs 

- check to see if her school has a career center (helps place grads with jobs) sometimes they have job positing and they are looking for college students

- a staffing center sometimes the hey have 1 day or temp jobs 

- check for part time teller jobs on bank in her area's bank page, my bank hardly ever post on indeed or any place until they get desperate. 

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What experience does she have? Does she have her own room? Amazon does part time customer service (from home).... not sure how many hours people are required to work though.

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She has her own room. I'll suggest this. I've heard of people driving for Amazon, but DD doesn't drive yet or have a car. That would be great to work from her room. Thanks!

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During my college years I:

1. cleaned friends houses, and got referrals.

2. Worked in restaurants and a pizza place.

3. worked for catering companies

During my lean years as an adult I:

1. cleaned friends houses and got rerrals

2. Worked for temp services, doing admin/office/grunt work

3. Did mystery shopping

Can she drive? uber is a very popular way around here to earn cash.

Additionally, sometimes if you are a REALLY great volunteer/intern, they will pay you.

pizza places and some restaurants are still pretty awesome ways to earn cash. Start as hostess and work up. Get a serv-safe card or whatever equivalent and apply at any cafe or restaurant that you can. They prefer experience but will give you a chance if you have referrals that state you are honest and hardworking.

That goes for adults too! I was thinking of getting a weekend job at a restaurant for extra cash.


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Is Serv Safe the same as Food Safe? I've never heard of Serv Safe. Can DD land work quickly with a Serv Safe?

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My DD is ServSafe certified in our state.  Some states have additional requirements (she's moved a couple of times for school) but even when that's the case, they liked seeing that she'd gone through the training.  It's through the National Restaurant Association so most places should recognize it. 

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she should sign up for a temp agency (or a few)..i did that in college.. not ft.. but jobs can turn into more regular ones.

UBER/LIFT?  My YSD has done that some.. just doesn't drive at night.

waitressing and bartending.

I know some people teach english online.. but not sure how lucrative that really is.

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My DD was in school full time and worked several part-time jobs: front desk at a hotel, the university's writing center (paid tutor), and also does online English language teaching. She should definitely look at on-campus jobs. SInce she's having trouble getting employers interested, she might also see if there is a service to review resumes. Check the student career center to see if they offer that service.

I know several people who do online English teaching, and there are several companies. My DD has been doing it for several years and while it's not a dream job, it's flexible. Worth looking at. She doesn't make a huge amount, but some months it's around $500.

Also, if she really is having trouble affording food, many universities run food banks for their students. It's surprising how many college students can't afford the basics as they struggle to pay tuition and rent. No need to be ashamed or shy about using what she needs. She can pay it forward later.

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Hey Evil3!  My DD got a job in a cafe/bakery when she was in college.  She picked up a lot of good baking skills and has been able to easily find jobs as needed to get her through school.  Just about every town has a bakery or cafe and the hours can be flexible (very early for bakeries especially).  You got a lot of good suggestions above, just wanted to add that one. 

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For cleaning, dog walking, babysitting, yardwork?


I'm about to suggest that to my DS since he's having the same problem. The jobs on campus and at the surrounding businesses are gone by the time he clicks the button to apply.

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In my lean years I:

Had a paper or Pennysaver route

Worked at a hospital laundry

Worked in a nursing home laundry

Worked at restaurants and in fast food places

Cleaned well-to-do people's houses

Signed up at temp agencies

Worked in department stores and sales

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Putting the movies in and out of those machines 

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I have a friend that makes $100 a day for seleverinf groceries to the elderly . They pick out and pay for their groceries at the store and she picks them up and shops for them and delivers them. It's like Uber and you turn it in whenever you are free to work 

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I know you cringe at her going to strangers houses, but my BFF is a dog sitter for a company called Housenanny. She makes fairly good money.  It's a side gig for her, but she enjoys it and she has nothing but good things to say about it.

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Evil, whatis DD studying at university and what are her long range professional goals aspirations?

Has she tried to secure a paying intern job in the her field of interest ?

I have no great advice as far as what odd jobs or temp positions for DD to consider but I was just wondering if maybe her resume needs a good brushing up, polishing  AND ,too, perhaps  she needs to practice  improving her job interview skills so that she will be the  top candidate considered  for whatever position she is applying.

And ,too, she should be persistent checking back with HR Dept or the owner ,manager whoever gets /reads the application wherever  she applied and ask if it has been filled and respectfully request any information they can provide as to why her application was rejected.Sometimes the feedback given by the employer  is extremely helpful /invaluable toward improving  future employment prospects ;sometimes that business will appreciate her gumption and demonstration of wanting the job and it could  help her land a spot .

As  many will concur ~job interviews can be unsettling ,intimidating and at 19 maybe she is not great at or uncomfortable selling /telling her work skills and making that pitch why she would be the best candidate for the job .

Just a thought AND I wish her all the best and much success. 





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DD is applying for "big girl" jobs already. It's the fact that she needs work immediately and can't get anything. She's tried everywhere. She normally gets call backs right away, but it seems that no one is hiring where she's living right now. We're trying to figure out ways of getting something pronto. Once she gets work, she'll focus on something more appropriate for her long-term goals. She's really good at interviews, so that's not a problem.

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lower echelon job experience, sadly the "big girl job" places won't hire her.  Is there any min wage jobs she can work to get experience?   I got DD her first "real job" working helpdesk as a contract where they put you through a couple weeks training first.  She also worked in a local movie theatre and volunteered at an animal shelter

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I can't believe no one has suggested it! I did this a LOT in college. At the time, you could go twice a week, but it takes 2-3 hours. I made about $50 a week at it, but that was back in the 90s