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I've Got the Popcorn Ready Part 2

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After my last post on SD30's new BF, I promised to keep you all updated.

Well, yesterday, we had a dinner for SS28"s fiancee's birthday. That meant that we got to meet SD30's new BF. He brought his DD9, so we got to meet her. I was hoping she'd display horrific mini-wife behaviours, but she didn't. She was very well behaved. She didn't jump up or interupt Daddddeeee for attention at all. She kept to herself and was very patient. Darn!!!! The BF wasn't afraid to show SD affection in front of his DD. Again darn!!!! He seems like a nice guy, but has completely different interests from what we've known SD to be interested in. On the drive home, I commented about that to DH and he said that perhaps this guy will help SD expand her horizons rather than coming home from work and napping all the time. LOL! I just about sprayed spit all over the dash! I knew it bothered DH that SD naps after work, because he HATES laziness, but I didn't know it bothered him that much (SD has been known to nap and still sleep around the clock like her BM). That comment that DH made shows that he knows that SD has faults after all.

So, a couple of more comments from DH shows that he damn well knew all along what a bloody cling-on SD always was and how she always tried to drive a wedge between DH and I. DH said what a nice little girl the DD was and how cute it was that she made a necklace for SD and gave it to her. DH said, "well, she's not plotting to kill SD yet." Again, a very telling statement. So, that let me know that DH damn well knew what SD was like to me as a child. He wasn't blind after all. Of course, I took full advantage and threw in some comments about clingy kids and how this BF's little girl was obviously parented properly and was taught some independence and doesn't need her parents in her face all the time. I told DH when a parent is constantly in a kid's face, it just makes them all the more clingy and used to being the centre of the universe. DH then knew that I was referring to him and he said that back then, he had the kids only half time. He'd tell himself that he had them for only two and a half days that week, so his thoughts were to cram everything in and he'd accomplish that by being hin the kids' faces and say, "let's do this and let's do that." He latched onto all the time and attention he could get while the SKs were at Dad's.

Given my tone and comments, DH had no choice but to come out of denial about what hell I went through. He can no longer tell himself that I was only slightly bothered. I swear he would minimize what I went through and for years I felt that he never really got it. However, based on his comments after meeting the BF and his DD, it shows that DH did in fact know how clingy, manipulative and useless SD was throughout her childhood and he knew how it affected me. I guess I'll take it. I wasn't expecting to experience DH's "awareness" as a side effect of SD's new relationship, but I'll take it. That particular side effect is a pleasant surprise. Knowing that DH knows SD's antics and did all along is really catharic for me. However, I'm very diappointed that so far the little girl hasn't proven to be a needy mini-wife. Maybe I shouldn't come to any conclusions as this was only my first observation and there are so many other ways that the karma bus can still come for SD. I can't see how a 50 year old man with two kids, a decade apart and two BMs will want to go for a third round, but who knows? Stay tuned and I'll be sure to post more updates.


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That Toxic Troll would find and latch onto a man with toxic BM and kids. To be cursed the same way. But no. She cannot seem to latch on to anyone decent with kiddos - and its been over 6 years that they were separated and now almost 4 years divorced...

Yeah. Well there is time. Just wait till SD30 wants to marry this guy - the sh!t will then hit fan.

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That's what I'm thinking. That when SD30 wants to marry this guy and have kids, that's when the shit will hit the fan. For years SD has said she wants to marry and have kids and as recently as a couple of months ago, she told DD that she's actually sad and depressed that she hasn't married yet.

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A decent guy who will also put up with BS.

BM, back when she first got together with DH, was actually decent looking, back in her 20's. Now? In hr 50's? HA. Scary looking and scary personality. Plus, no job, toxic moocher daughter, and well, lets just say that her and excercise are not on speaking terms.

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are bffs, however.

She has a gym membership - but thats for the hot tub...

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6 years is nothing CLove when they're not very nice. BM divorced 22 years ago and although she apparently has managed to trap a few unsuspecting victims since then, none of them have stuck around. I wonder why not....?!!

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'there are so many other ways that the karma bus can still come for SD'

Lol. Oh yes there are. And if there is any justice, that bus can do a worldwide trip and make stops for all of us on here Smile

But on a positive note, at least DH has admitted that SD's behaviour left a lot to be desired and acknowledged how much it affected you. That is a big thing in itself.

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Doesn't it suck when you are ready and waiting for someone to get hit with the karma bus and they get handed a bouquet of roses instead?  Damn it!!!  Not only do you not get to witness their smackdown but you waste perfectly good popcorn and feel like a small person with no payoff.  I'll cop to being a petty little person all day long if I get to see my SD, who spent years gleefully making my life difficult and openly posting about it on social media, hoisted on her own petard.  Hells yeah!  Besides, I get to also say "petard" and that does not happen every day, ya' know.   Smile

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No doubt soon enough Biggrin

I have faith - I get to see and hear about karma bus hitting Toxic Troll all the time, and its awesome!

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Crossing my fingers for both of us, girl.  Petty, party of two?  LOL

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Guys I wish I could give details, but the Karma bus is hitting my OSD at this moment. She of course is playing victim in true narcissist form and broadcasting family dirty laundry all over facebook. Just trust that it will eventually happen.  

The funny thing is, when I stop caring, that's when the Karma Bus arrives. Anyone notice how that happens?

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Don't expect too much validation, however.

In my case Chef has admitted that his ferals have turned out to be POS--must sting in comparison to my properly parented adult productive citizen bios.

He's admitted that marrying the Gir was a mistake

He has NOT admitted that SD was an animal torturer and recently went into full throated denial on that one. 

Only took a decade and a half.