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My Honouring is Continuing and Learning Moment for DH

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So, I posted about being honoured during my birthday celebration by DH and SS. DH wrote a lengthy commentary thanking me for changing the course of our marriage and that I inspire him to be a better father and husband. SS28 also thanked me and SS, SDIL and I are as close as bios. I honestly see SS and SDIL as my own at this point. We have an amazing relationship despite my stunt to get him launched five years ago LOL.

Five years after my "meltdown" I got thanked

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Last week I had a birthday and on the weekend was the celebration. On my birthday, I got a beautiful card with a lengthy message in it from DH thanking me for taking charge of our family and marriage five years ago. DH went on to say that he felt inspired to be a better husband and father thanks to me and my taking charge. DH went on to say that I'm a great mom to our DD20 and that since I insisted on a marriage-centric home rather than a child-centric marriage, I inspired DH to be a better father. I was bloody stunned. I was not expecting that at all, especially five years later.

Trying to Heal Another Pattern Part 3

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In my last update, I wrote about my 30-year head/face ache. It's been constant. I wondered if I should include that in my career path issues and why I always ended up with narc bosses who have set out to destroy my life. I was trying to figure out my toxic pattern so I can heal it and change it. I also wondered if I should include my yo-yo dieting and my sabotaging my figure just when I get to where I want it.

Prediction about SD30 - Karma Chronicles Continued

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Since pregnant SD30 and Doofus split up, SD has been posting more and more selfies, especially her past travel photos. She used to tend to post her past travel photos because she travels constantly and just isn't happy unless she's going somewhere. When she got together with Doofus, he must have kept SD's focus because she continued to post her daily selfies, but not her travel pics. Her posting of her travel pics have ramped right back up to several times a day since she and Doofus split up. She constantly comments that she wishes she could go somewhere.

Trying to Heal Another Pattern Part 2

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I'm working my way through Pete Walker's C-PTSD book and am enjoying it. The book mentions eating issues and chronic pain and headaches. It's interesting how that saying works, "when the student is ready, the teacher will come. When I decided to start blogging to try to trigger another major healing/epiphany, I was basing it on my sorry career path. I was contemplating whether or not to address my 30-year headache and eating issues, but I thought that I'd save those for another time. However, the C-PTSD book confirmed my belief that my eating and brutal face/head pain is connected.

O/T Trying to heal another pattern Part 1

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Not too long ago, I posted about my epiphanies because I wanted to heal my fear of my stage five mini-wife's threat to my marriage once and for all. I found that posting my epiphanies led me to a great healing and I was able to succeed at finally reaching a state of giving no f*cks at all about SD30 and her attempts to impact my marriage. I'm finally at the stage of having no fear at all about what she can do to influence my DH. It's been bliss and I'm greatful every day that I finally reached that healing that I wanted and needed for over two decades.