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I’ve Got the Popcorn Ready Part 3

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Well, well, well! There is already trouble in paradise after all. DH told me that SD does not have plans for the weekend because she’s “really pissed off at” BF, so she won’t be seeing him. DH told me he didn’t ask for details and SD didn’t give any.

That’s not a good sign for a two month old relationship. It’s also what went on the whole time SD was with her former BF and DH actually pointed that out to me and said “here we go again”

I really want to know the details. 

Well, time will tell. 

O/T: way for starving student to earn money if she hasn't gotten any bites on applications

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My DD19 is doing really well in university and has shown a great work ethic over the last several months. While at home, she got up at 5:30 every morning to work full time and then babysat on weekends to earn her tuition and rent for this school year. DD returned to her university city and has applied for tons of jobs. I know, because she was getting desperate and I helped her apply. DD is very upset, because she needs money and she's not getting call backs and she's not getting results when she checks on her applications.

I’ve got the popcorn ready...

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SD30 has always been a mini-wife on steroids. She’s always had DH totally snowed and the dynamic has been agony for me. For YEARS I wondered if SD would ever get her comeuppance. Well, I’m thinking it’s on its way.

She announced that she has a BF. He’s almost 50, has two kids b(19) and a g (9). He has 50/50 and there are two BMs. SD only started dating him three weeks ago but has announced him as a BF. 

O/T How do I get my mojo back at work?

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I've been in my current position for over seven years. I've hated it from day one. It's a complete career change for me and I never developed in it. For years I thought they were withholding work because of my being useless. I had probably hundreds of meetings with my manager and others and have tried every angle to figure out why I came across as so horrible that I wasn't allowed to do anything. I'd watch the other analysts fly past me because they were getting developmental opportunities and would gain experience and I had nothing to speak to on a panel, so I stayed stuck.

O/T Kind of. I lipped off my boss who is an abusive male

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So, it appears that when I resolve a dynamic, or think I have, it pops up again. I'm getting so sick and tired of trying to heal something in order to get that pattern to finally resolve and not keep popping up.

After the Mother's Day betrayal where DuH ran to SD's rescue and I didn't get to see him all bloody day, I really withdrew from DH and did my own thing. I still don't really know what I'm going to do, but I do know that I'm doing my own thing and keeping my distance for now. DH and I have not told any of the familiy members that we may be splitting up.

Interesting comments from SS27 (being coddled and Disney parented)

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SS27 and I tend to have some deep and interesting conversations. We started doing that when he was a young teen and having difficulty navigating being the least favoured child and not even being considered as being in the same ball-park as the all-mighty SD29. SS reminded me of the time that he was 15, came home from school and fixed a dead lawnmower we had sitting around. SS took some sort of shop class in school at the time and the class learned how to fix a lawn mower.

Went to SS' grad and had a great time

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Shortly after the MD incident, SS sent DH and I an invitation to his grad. DH and I haven't yet said anything to any of the kids about us likley parting ways at the end of August. Anyway, SS is graduating with a diploma in Environmental Studies. He took seven years to complete a two year program, but he's really happy that he's finally done. He worked in a related job during some semesters, so his work counted and he graduated as a co-op student. He's thrilled to finally be done with studying for a while and he wants to maintain his job and focus on working for the next while.

O/T Sort of. Experiencing similar treatment at work as at home

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I just need to vent and give an update. Mainly I need to vent. I've been looking to overhaul my life including finding a new job, because I'm so tired of the negativity whether it's being cast aside for the mini-wife or being thrown in the garbage at work from all the negative behaviour. I've been competing for postings and came close, but it got cancelled due to budgetary reasons. I was so close to getting the hell out of this God-forsaken job.