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SD had the baby and I feel nothing

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SD finally had her baby during the night. A couple of days ago she was scheduled to get induced at the earliest on the 12th if baby hadn't come yet. SD actually wanted to tell the doctor and hospital no because she didn't want her baby to be born on Friday the 13th. SD was going to see about another stress test to see about delaying the induction until after the 13th. Well babies call the shots sometimes and baby decided to come. He just missed being born on the 12th and he arrived at 12:03 on the 13th. 

SMs Polar Opposites to SDs/Mini-Wives

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I've noticed a trend on Steptalk and in my own mini-wife situation. A while ago, I realized that my SD31 and I are polar opposites. I won't even start on the differences because my post would be novel length. In my co-dependent years, I was always scared to death of the fate of my marriage because I felt very threatened by the obsessive relationship between Ole Bulbous Lip (SD) and DH. I walked on eggshells and every day and braced myself for that being the day my DH kicks me to the curb all on SD's say-so.

Struggling with DH's Mixed Messages

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A couple of nights ago, SD31 who is due to give birth today, posted all over social media about her last facial that she plans to have during her pregnancy. She went on and on and on with the camera on her face about the facial she's getting and how excited she is. She then posted a slow pan of her face after the facial to show off her "beeeeyoootiful skin." That video lasted quite a while. Gotta make sure everyone sees her superior skin and beauty.

SD31 Due to Give Birth Next Week and Hell Has Frozen Over

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Well, we're down to the wire and SD is about to pop. She's off work for 18 months and has been bored in her BF's house since moving in with him. He works during the day and in between the constant selfies postings, SD has gotten bored. She's been arranging for lunches with people including DH. Well, hell has frozen over because he actually told SD no. I'm in shock!!!! Previously, DH would do ANYTHING to catch a glimpse of the ominpotent one. I asked him why he said no because I told him that SD is about to pop and is likely trying to get last lunch dates in with people before baby arrives.

I’m just venting

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Instead of a Thanksgiving dinner this weekend we're having DD20's favourite meal to celebrate two achievements that meant a lot to her. The SKs weren't interested in a TG meal so DD and I figured we would have her celebratory meal tomorrow night. 

O/T Sort of - Same Pattern at Work

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I just commented on another poster's blog about the anger that remains so long after the abuses sustained within a not so blended family. I've known for quite some time that I've resolved most of the issues that were a part of the mini-wife dynamic in my family. I just can't seem to resolve my anger, which seems to be every bit as hot and fresh as it was at the time of the abuse I took. I think a huge part of my remaining anger is that DH is a non-talker. Because of that, I will never get the validation I need that SD is a narcissistic PoS.

Karma Chronicles...

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I haven't posted a karma chronicles blog in a while. It seems that SD was thoroughly enjoying painting herself as a Madonna and being such a beeeyoooteeful, glamorous pregnant woman. She seemed happy as a clam so it seemed to me that the karma was very shortlived and once again, SD gets to get away with being the narcissist that she is.

On the weekend, we had a baby shower for SD. Her stupid geriatric BF finally stopped sabotaging family events and came. He brought his DD10. Here are some things I noted and it seems that the karma is just beginning.

Enmeshment Because Dad Can't Feel the Parent/Child Bond - What do You Think?

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Something just came up when I was responding to a PM. I've picked apart and analyzed the enmeshment of a major mini-wife dynamic for years. I've always wanted to understand it and other Sparents who have been affected by the dynamic really want to understand it too.

O/T Sort of. Want to Stop Feeling so Frumpy and FUGLY. Self Pampering/Beauty Tips????

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Honestly, I don't know what came over me that I ranted and posted my last blog about wanting to leave DH. He's been great and SD hasn't changed, so I really didn't know what came over me and I really thought about it. My emotions have been all over the place. I had a convo with my doctor as per a suggestion on my last post so I want to get my health back. I have always been an avid green juicer and ate plant-based, so I'm back to that. I had fallen away from that.