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I've never enjoyed a game so much.

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This weekend all the skids came over. I was supposed to have my kids too but I sent them to their dads so DH could have Redface Magee sleep over. I told DH Friday that I would be doing no cooking this weekend, period. He seemed to think I was joking, when he walked in with all of them the first question he asked is what's for dinner.
"I don't know DH, you tell me. Oh, and by the way the dish washer is broke and the repair guy can't get out here until after Thanksgiving."
Of course, dPPP had to chime in McDonalds. That girl will be on the diabetic bus before she turns 10...I'll bet money on that. I personaly can't stand McDonals food, even before the pink slime debacle. He originally planned on cooking but after 30 minutes of his precious little princess demanding a happy meal and icecream he caved. I ordered me a pizza.
(It's not that McDonalds is fast or junk food, the last two times I ate there I got really sick and just don't have an apetite for any of their food.)
DH- You're not coming with us?
Me- Nope.
DH- Don't you think that's a little rude to the kids?
Me- Nope, I don't think they care really. Don't you think it's a little rude to keep asking me to eat food I have no taste for? What if I made salmon burgers and didn't give you another option? You would get pissed right?
DH- Ok, yeah I'll go threw the drive through and come back, will you watch a movie with us?
Right then and there I saw dPPP about to start chirping and had to clip the vocals!
Me- As long as it isn't barbie, Dora, or tinkerbell sure.
Oh she didn't like that. She gave me a dirty look and pouted. I will say though it's just not a fun family weekend unti dPPP pouts and throws a fit. If she ever came over and didn't do so I would be watching for the four horsemen.
My pizza arrives, oh how I love pizza. It's probably my favorite go to when I feel like I can be unhealthy for a night. When I was pregnant, Cici's was scared of me because I dare you to tell a pregnant woman she's eaten too much. I triple dog dare you!!
They get back with their take out and dPPP and Redface Magee are whinning about not eating their and playing on the jungle gym. There goes Redface, gritting his teeth and breathing hard to emphasize the fact that he's getting upset...oh look...his face is turning red.
Me- DH, you really should tell him how rediculous he looks when he does that.
We settle on a movie, it was a kids movie. It's not like I was forcing them to watch Twilight or anything, everyone was happy to see it...but it wasn't barbie.
Half way threw the movie who begins to sing songs from a Dora movie??? You guessed it. Darling Princess PissPants. Louder and louder, nails on a chalk board. Oh shit...look he's getting redfaced again. Shits about to hit the fan STA and SS7 are getting annoyed. I'm now playing on my phone, frickin candy crush addiction, DH turns the TV up. Redface stops his annoying breathing threw his teeth, STA and SS7 start paying attention again and even I put down that sweet candy coated bitch who runs my life.
Well, people are relaxing and enjoying them selves. This can't be!!!
dPPP starts singing louder and is now rocking back and forth hitting SS7 and STA. I pick up my phone. DH blows his top.
She stops, odd, she's not crying but she does grunt and pouts, but surround sound is marvelous thing dear friends!!!
Saturday passes quickly, thank you nail ladies and your mimosas. Thank you to my furbabies for also needing their nails trimmed and for good messure a joint massage for them. day.
DH, STA, SS7, and myself are all football fans. So are my kids who are now home. DH bbqed, I made little game day snackies and we were all ready to enjoy the game. Kick off, very exciting because our team kicked ass last week. Every one was up and down, cheers and yelling at the obvious blind refs and why the hell are you calling that on us but not the other guys?
Everyone was having a good time.
And then....
dPPP decides it's time for her one person show. Dancing and singing loudly. Basically telling everyone there
"Look at me, look at me"
DH was already pissy because of the score. He told her to sit down and stop. She sat grunting for a few minutes. And then starts back up. "dPPP, I told you to stop, we are trying to watch the game. Sit down and be quiet."
dPPP- No.
DH- What?
dPPP- No, you don't tell me what to do.
DH- That's it, I'm tired of your shit.
He quickly popped her on her butt and sat her down and told her to be quiet."I do tell you what to do, I am your father and you will listen to me."
I felt a surge of pride in my hubby wubby and all the kids had a shocked look on their face. Even the dogs looked surprised. No one was more surprised that dPPP who sat there for about five minutes sulking and then, she found her voice again.
Screams, loud loud ear splitting screams of which I've never heard the likes.
DH wasn't playing when he told her she was tired of her shit. He paused the game, picked her up and took her to her room. Put her bed and told her if she gets up, she gets another spanking.
"I am tired of you trying to ruin everyones time over here if we're not doing exactly what you want. I think every one in this house is tired of it. Lay down and be quiet.
He closed the door came back and unpaused the game. He didn't say anything reguarding her, and we all knew we shouldn't bring it up either. We ate our burgers, and watched our game. After he put her to bed, we all enjoyed the game, even though we lost.
I hope this is a start of him not letting dPPP run his life any more. I hope!!


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LOL, I love that..redbutt magee. I'm hoping this is a start of parenting to make your kids stand up, productive people. We shall see.

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I have no clue. Once DH told him that when he feels himself getting angry he should take a couple of deep breaths and calm down, Redface took that to meant let me breath so damn loud with spit flying threw my teeth that every one with in 10 miles knows that I'm pissed.

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I so enjoyed this post. Writing was superb ~ n your nicknames are hilarious !!!

Love it ~ ha ha ha

He saw the light yesterday ~ so that's a good day.

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I hope he's turning a corner for your sake! But if he does I have to say I will miss the adventures of dPPP and Redface...

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I wouldn't worry. . .there's usually the patented Monday morning 180/Backslide.

Biodad (thinking): "Was I too harsh? If SM thought it was the right thing to do, I was probably TOO HARSH! I MUST apologize to them right away!"

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Even the dog looked surprised....lmao!!

Good for DH! And there's nothing worse on a skid night than running out of candy crush lives. Just sayin.

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Every one of my friends know when they are there because they get multiple requests to send me more lives. lol

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I loved this post! It was hilarious and I felt like I was right there watching the whole thing unfold!

Yay to your DH for putting his foot down. I'm sure DPPP was surprised Daddy gave her a swat and said enough. Hopefully she learns from it, hopefully he sees she isn't scarred for life from a little discipline and keeps it up. I usually treat my DH like a kid in these know reward good behavior so the incentive is there to keep it up Wink

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Sounds very promising for you and your family; especially the nasty daughter. Better late than never!