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Covidiots and Coronachondriacs - OT

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Though I am sure that there are denizens of steplife that fall into these categories.. I MUST vent about people that are making things worse for all of us through their ignorance and selfishness.

I have been working from home for NOT 2 weeks...  over FOUR (edit) weeks... we go take my inlaws supplies on the weekend, but don't see them in person just leave the stuff on their porch.. and we stay at our home next door to theirs when we are there. So.. we are absolutely keeping away from people.. maybe one grocery trip a week.. (edit.. not a day.. guess  i'm so mad at her I can't see


My husband's cousin is one of these idiot people.  She took a trip to mexico in early march.. yeah.. when people were starting to see how risky travel was.  She of course masks up and posts those pics online.. "we are so scared but being careful".. then posts of them partying it up in Mexico.  Immediately on her return she starts to talk about her "symptoms" and how "no one will test me even though I am at risk due to my autoimmune issues and I probably have corona.."  She also posts daily stats to stir up all the panic possible and lament her lack of testing..   FINALLY she brow beats someone into testing her at a drive up testing site.. so then we get 5 more days of "I am 99 percent sure I have corona.. "  

Finally.. results day.. it's negative.  Next post is her getting her nails done.. "but we wore masks" (cause we should be wasting masks on nail prep services... vs actual medical needs right?)  Our state was scheduled for lock down the next day.. she literally notes that she had to "get it in before the limits"

Also posts a visit to a beach a few hours away the next day.. "but girls.. I stayed AWAY from other people.. and the assistant park attendant said it was ok"

Great.. then she is laid off.. and we get posts about her losing her job and needing health insurance.

She announces she has qualified for Medicaid.. yay.. because she wants to get another COVID test.. because tests are pretty innacurate.. and again... she is sure she still had covid.... even though she was negative... and has none of the symptoms beyond a minor fever and some sniffles" 

Now we are on lockdown in our state.. essential outings only.

She is now at a beach rental for the remainder of the month.. how she can afford it with no job.. who knows.. and she is still on about how she thinks she had corona... and with all her non-essential running about.. she could actually have been exposed by now.. so she has her potentially virus laden self shedding all over some person's rental home... .


I am getting ready to unfriend her.. she is a selfish ahole.


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I don't understand what is wrong with people that they cannot just.stay.home.

I would be perfectly happy staying home, unfortunately, I have to go to work and so does DH. We go to work, we go to the grocery store (had to break DH from going several times per week). That's it.

I don't want it, and if I were to get it, I wouldn't want to take a chance on giving it to people. I would not want to kill anyone.

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Just unfollow the twit, or better yet dump social media all together.  I have been largely off the grid of social media for months now and emotionally and physically I feel better.  I'm not hunched over scrolling through other people's narcissism and opinions.   

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Sooooo we have a shortage on tests... And she thinks SHE should get 2?!? The he!!?

She's a mess.

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Yep.. and she laments not having the test because "what if I have it"?

Well.. my thought is if you DO have it.. you got it through your idiotic travel that was for pleasure not essential... AND.. you aren't sick enough to need medical intervention.. so whether you have it or not? what difference would it make in your life.. since your job LAID you off and we are all under a "stay at home order".????

I swear she WANTS to have it so she can get her daily gratification through social media posts..

The irony is she will tell everyone she is doing the right thing.. when she CLEARLY is not.

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She's 100% not. I mean don't get me wrong.  Those flight tickets were TEMPTING with how cheap they were (now they're harder to get... Took a private charter plane the US threw together to get my bro home from out of country 4 months early).  But logically they make ZERO sense.

She probably just wants the attention. I can't think of any other reason she'd be pushing that hard!

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notwithstanding, we all have to act like we have it.

A friend of mine has all the symptoms, but has tested negative. And her dr told her there are at least 20 or more patients at that hospital that have it but tested negative.

If she has flu symptoms testing negative means NOTHING.


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I agree.. that's why we aren't seeing people socially.. that's why we drop my inlaws supplies on their deck or in their shop.. and haven't seen my dad in almost 2 months.  I haven't been to work for over a week..but I have had to make a few "essential" trips out.. I do have to go every other week to express mail my dad's caregiver checks.. and then a grocery run by my DH or myself once a week.. so our exposure to others is limited.. but we assume we "could" have come in contact with someone.. so we don't see the people in person.  

What was frustrating for her.. is she is all "I'm having symptoms and can't get the test wahhhhhh" then literally the day she tests "negative" she is at the nail salon!!    Then days later saying she is still "symptomatic".. and her test was probably a false negative... Then you see pics of her at the beach.. (hint.. she doesn't live near the water).. Now she has decided to relocate to a rental property for the next 3 weeks at a beach.  She is going to their private beach.. which of course has other people there.  She may be alone there.. but she is potentially infecting another home.. that some poor cleaning person will have to enter when she leaves.. and then new renters.. and who knows if she will really pick up the virus while she is there "out of town"?

I am acting as if everyone "could" have it.. and that I could have it too.. even though my DH and I are fairly certain it would be the dumbest of luck for us to be exposed.. we are acting responsibly.

I feel for all the people who HAVE to go out every day and try to do their jobs.. especially in healthcare where it's almost certain you will end up with a chance of exposure.  

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Wow, that was annoying. I quit facebook years ago. I just could not handle it anymore and I do not regret it. 

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OP--I am stuck that she is / was at a beach rental???? for the rest of the month? and has the guts to post that??

Shows she has no filter, is slightly tone deaf and lacks empanthy for what others may be going thru, perhaps even amongst her own friends.

Block her---she may not even notice because she is so self centered. THEN when she relizes your gone she will be soooooooooooooo surprised.



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Yes... after lamenting her job loss.. and her loss of health insurance.. and her positive/not positive/maybestill positive Covid status posts.. and admonishing everyone to social distance..she does not hold herself to these same standards.

Getting nails done.  Day trips to the beach. and YES.. staying at a beach rental for three weeks. She just recently went to Mexico at the beginning of March... oh.. and let us not forget.. she will be applying for disability because to quote.. I may qualify with TWO.. maybe Three disabilites".. her life is one long party vacation.. I see no limits to any of her activity due to any "disability" if she can jet set off to mexico to chug tequila.. she can damn well go to work to pay for it.

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She's an attention whoring twat.

Either unfriend or unfollow her. Take the trash OUT.

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I live in very rural upstate NY. My county currently has 19 positive cases, 1 death and 247 PUI's. We have no hospital in this county. We are severely under tested. All areas including my county have issued stay away notices to people fleeing to summer homes from the city and asking if they cannot do that, the self isolate for 14 days. 

I have been in my house since March 16th. I went to give blood 1x the following Friday. Strict measures were taken to ensure safety. 

I just got done reading an article in the local paper about a family of 5, who drove from Arizona to here arriving 4/2. Well after the stay at home order. 

their reasons? 
1. they live in a "highly populated area" of 40 people in a CUL DE SAC. (Sorry no-if you live in a cul de sac you have a lot more room than my friends in the Brooklyn, WITH children who are confined to apartments, condos and have absolutely 0 chance at at lawn) 
2. they have a daughter diagnosed with down's who has ha 8 surgeries and been on life support (so let's trot her across the apocalypse, hold her up in a car, on our way to the EPICENTER of the entire US, to a county with no hospital, and god forbid something happen to that poor child, who is already compromised by her mother's own report has been on life support before, so she can go to the 1 hospital in the next county over that has been stripped of PPE for the city, where she will most assuredly have a higher risk of being exposed to COVID even under the best of circumstances-yeah cool lets do that?) 

3. her 4 year old doesn't understand why he can't go to the playground or touch things. (Newsflash! That's ALL young children and if we all took that approach then humanity would be screwed) 

4. They needed their grandparents (again see number 3) 

5. this is her "home" (she moved in 2007. It's your hometown. It's not your "home" anymore despite widespread advice to stay put). 

then to make things better she said "I don't care about a few negative comments" 

im so pissed at selfish people like this. We do agree on one thing-this lady and her hubby certainly "done care." 

I have a child with a disability and a 4 year old. Guess that means I'm special enough to do whatever the hell I damn well please. 

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The county where my inlaws live is fairly rural with meager health resources.. most people will drive the 2 hours to our city where we work for that.  There are only 3 cases in that county right now (rural one).. and they are some people who came here from New York.  

I mean.. in some ways I get it.  You don't want to die.  You like the rural waterfront community with no (or close to no) cases.  But.. when you come from a HOT SPOT... especially late in the game.. the chance of YOU bringing it down and spreading it in a more vulnerable community?  not great.


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There are people in my town shaming others on social media, with pics, for taking a walk outside as a family and it's getting out of control. People are doxxing them. Note that we are not under lockdown. In fact, public health has encouraged us walking outside as long as we practice social distancing. 

People are also demanding that public health release exact locations of people who have COVID-19, instead of simply saying there are 9 in the city. C'mon people - it's getting out of control. People have a right to medical privacy and not being attacked by a lynch mob. 

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In some ways... I get the judgement.. because.. yes.. I know there are people like my husband's cousin that are doing things that are selfish and reckless under the circumstances.  

I saw a group of motorcyclists this past weekend gathered outside of a restaurant (still open for takeout).. there were maybe 30 of them.. not 6 feet apart at all... and clearly what they were doing was not essential.  But.. I was in a car out... with my husband.. (quarentinepartner)  We were on our way back from doing some things at our other house.. next to my inlaws.. Yes we were "out"..but we didn't come in contact with anyone but ourselves.  We also leave the house to walk daily.. but we live in a rural area.. so no being within any amount of social distance.

So.. I really don't have a problem with people being "out".. as long as it's soloish car rides or distanced walking etc.. we live in a region where it's possible to leave your home..and not be shoulder to shoulder.  But.. clearly there are some making that an issue.. and it runs the spectrum.

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That is for sure!!  People NEED TO STAY HOME!!!!  ... We also have extended family members who go to the store EVERY day!  That is not why the stores are open! 

I have a neighbor who posted pictures of herself on her way to Lowe's to pick up mulch and flowers etc for her outdoor project.  That is not why Lowe's is open. It is open for emergency supplies not to browse or to get supplies for your cure of boredom at home!!  OMG makes me so mad!!  We have extended family that are still having Easter dinner and think it is ok because it is just family.  Ummmmm Family can get the virus too.

I have read absolutely heartbreaking stories of family members who could not be with loved ones when they were dying in the hospital because no visits are allowed due to the virus.  I have also seen the same Families unable to attend a funeral  service once their family member died for the same no gatherings order.  If that does not wake people up I don't know what will...

People need to think of others and realize if you don't follow the rules you could be making it so that you or someone else's family member has to die alone in a hospital crying out for their family but can't have any visitors!!  It's a real wake up call!!  I hope no one has to go through again!!!

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You have people who say.. well.. we just had 2 people over to the apt.. but then on another day.. they have different people over.. damn.. if you keep exposing yourself to different people.. it's no different than if you had 100 people over.

Annnnnnd.. I did finally put my husband's cousin on mute after picture after picture of sunsets and beaches... and her actually inviting her "BB's" to come quarantine with her (bad "btchs I believe)..when damn.. she is the one claiming she had/has covid.. moron.

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I have to say that I"m conflicted on the trip to Lowe's thing for flowers/ long as one person goes and it's a one time trip, I think it's fine.  

Mental health, excercise is essential during this time.  Many people find gardening incredibly healing.  Others are getting their children involved for the first time in learning how to plant seeds and grow.  What time better then now to enjoy nature, our yards, outdoors with healthy activities that help the body and mind stay healthy? I used to garden, it was my 'thing'- now my dogs are my things but if this had happened back then, I likely would have taken advantage of the days home to garden/plant.  I can't blame people for this- for many depression is real is this is a way to help-aka-essential IMO.

The garden centers are outdoors, as long as you were to keep distance and stay protected w/gloves/masks it should be ok/allowed.  Groceries I"m only doing every week or 10 days as I can.  We make more to gas station because this is where we can find water gallons and TP and it's sold on limit (which is good) but this means we have to go more often.


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While I love gardening and advocate for good mental health, I am sorry but a trip to Lowe's garden center to pick out flowers and mulch is not an essential trip.  While all of the things you list are great things to do with your kids, ONLY if you already had the supplies at your house!!! What if everyone thought like you and my neighbor.  Have you ever seen Lowe's on a Saturday.  There would be hoards of people packing the garden center.  This is about STAYING HOME and thinking about others and that includes the people working at the garden center that may not want to be exposed to others and what they might have, so you can teach your kids to garden.  We are not all home so that we can get our projects done we are home to stop the spread of a horrific virus.  

Thoughts like this are also the reason why Walmart and Target have banned purchases of non-essential items so that people stop coming and browsing.  You are not supposed to go out unless you absolutely have to and that includes frivolous trips that aren't necessary even to the grocery store!!!!!