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I fear of my life but I cannot report nor go to the police if something happens to me, if my step kids will harm me. I am not sure if they will do harm but I think they already harmed my life - my mental health, emotional stability and well being. They did not harm me physically (YET) but through the years of getting to know how their behaviour is and their past, I know they are capable. I always talk to my husband about this feeling of fear and maybe paranoid of their harmful behaviour which in time they will inflict in me but his respond: "they cannot do that but if they will approach you anywhere 'record it'" he said.

I went to the citisens advice bureou(CAB) before when his EXwife was texting my husband about confronting me and as I said they have BAD reputations that includes the EX wife. What I did before I went to the CAB, they viced me to write in my diary what has happened and will happen so at least I have a record...but I should not fear all the time? I am scared. I cannot avoid looking from left to right. 



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I read your bio - how did your husband spawn such evil children? Can I guess that despite how they treat him and you, he gives them anything they want and never sets limits on them? He needs to put them in their place and make clear he won't tolerate their actions and the police will become involved if they do anything. 

No man would be worth this for me. 

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I am not sure about their bad reputation.... That seems a little weird. What about their arrest record? Have they threatened you? Can you get an order of protection? Did the other GF's in the past file police reports after they were beaten up?

Things just don't add up. No man is worth all of this if this is a real post. I would tell my husband I am moving far away- come with me and stay married, don't come with me and we can divorce. But I wouldn't live in constant fear of my stepKidults. (I am assuming they are grown based on your fear). 

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I do have to correct one thing here.

Your husband is not supportive of your decisions if he continues to chase after and associate with people who have physically assaulted his past partners... and continue the poor treatment of you.

His kids have gotten away with their actions becase.. no consequences.

Daddee needs to set them straight on how it is gonna work.. and that if they continue their shenanigans... in the end, he will give his entire estate to the animal rescue league.. and NOONE will get a penny.  If they have any hope of an inheritance that they damn well better stop their monkey business and treat his partner with respect.