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Wow! First article ever that shows the SD is the a**h-----

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For every 100 articles about the "evil" step-mother here is a story that actually portrays the step-mother in a sympathetic light. Who knew, a step-daughter CAN be the a**hole? And her little daddio too ...


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They barely have a relationship apart from the civil hi and bye when they do meet and the idiot husband doesn't understand the sentimental value and the fact this dress isn't their property. Its the op. 
 She wants to alter the dress too so why not buy the same dress at the wedding shop and alter it how she wants??

when my mum suffered a stroke and at one point was living with my brother as he coaxed her to give money for a home deposit that he couldn't afford and could live with him, his wife would sneak into my mums room and steal her jewellery and pawn it off on gumtree Facebook marketplace etc. 

people would come to the house when my brother was at work and the wife pocketed everything. Plenty of sentimental items that my dad confronted my brother about that these are sentimental jewellery items not cheap. My brother claimed my mum left the house with them & lost them.

my dad wanted me to file a police report. It wouldn't be guaranteed to bring this jewellery back. These aren't things i will ever forgive but i have moved on. Shameful people like this rarely ever change