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Seasons Drama Ends? Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya ...

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We survived the holidays relatively unscathed, mostly because young adult Las Diablas Diablo spent limited time here. Still, they managed to fit in full-on tantrums, jealous pouty whining about why isn't everything completely fair and equal, (welcome to life sweethearts) know-it-all, bossyness towards us in our own home with a sprinkling of misplaced venom towards my BD. DH drives 1 SD to the airport to go back to her school of residence tomorrow (hurray!) and the other goes back to her place of residence next week. (yipee!) I did have a bit of a personal epiphany as to how this will never get better and they are even more phony than I previously realized. You can't connect with people that have such deep-seated animosity and insecurity to the point that they see our family as "them" vs. "us." If that's the way they want it, "them" is winning by a landslide. On another side-note ... BM claims she can't drive SD's to the airport due to anxiety or some such nonsense. Knowing BM and how she lies and manipulates nonstop it's obvious to me she's is full of pure bullsh-- about the driving anxiety. She's just lazy. But DH buys it hook, line and sinker, probably because of a combination of not wanting to rock the boat and he has people close to him that geniunely do suffer from driving induced panic attacks ... Long story short, DH has been shackled with the SD airport runs. (Don't get me started on why he doesn't just put them on pubic transportation to the airport and call it a day ... That's another can of worms ... Trying to be a great dad? I don't understand it.) Anyway, I kept telling DH she's making it up but he didn't want to listen. With all the Covid- related flight changes he's starting to get sick of being on duty for all of these runs so I say to him, "I bet you a million bucks BM can drive to the city just fine when SHE wants to." To which he replied, "Yes, I was talking to OSD and OSD said she 'doesn't know why BM says she can't do any of the driving because BM has no problem driving.'" Scratch one-s head I didn't have to say anything else. #selfexplanatory


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Our BM was a SAHM.  I worked.  There were many occasions when she couldn't do something at a certain time because she didn't like to drive in the traffic, I suppose that meant the commuter traffic.  Waaaahh.  Every time I heard this, I gritted my teeth because I was sure driving in the commuter traffic 

I noticed this "fear" didn't stop her from doing anything she wanted to do personally.

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Ugh I was driving an hour commute to college out of high school. Out the door by 6am for an 8 am class in the dark, through blizzards (hello western NY, we are famous for our snow), am traffic, on back roads and highways into the city, 5 days a week. And I have diagnosed anxiety.

Cry me a river. 

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I do 2-3 hour commutes so I have zero patience for the  theatrics. And yes, my generation actually had independent living skills. I got up at 5 AM to go to work, in the snow, before my classes began when I was still a teen. Tell that to the youngin's of today. Lol
BM is older than me but for her whole life she always pleads charity case. Her time is SO f*ck'n precious and she expects everyone else to revolve around her like she's the center of the f'n universe. The most infuriating part of all is that she keeps manic-ly busy doing absolutely nothing, writing in her journal, reading, destroying her vibrator ... And demands everyone else drop what they are doing to accommodate how "busy" she is. <scream> I haven't thought about all of that in awhile since it is no longer a weekly problem now that Las Diablas are grown and I evicted BM from my headspace but these airport runs are bringing it all back to me. 

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I feel like you are discribing my life ! Lol especially that part about our blended family being a "them and "us". I only have one SD12 and trust me that's enough but she is the one that has caused the divide after many many talks about how we are all a family she still insist on people taking pitty On her because DH decided to have a life and 2 other children! I too have comes to terms with the facts that BM will never go away and our holidays no matter how hard DH tries to keep them peaceful always have drama and it's annoying but I'm really really hoping things settle with BM once SD turns 18, here's to hoping ! 

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One can dream but the drama never ends Lol. It has become more manageable tho especially as DH has grown tired of it and puts his foot down more.