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Been married for almost 2 yrs. My husband came into the marriage with 3 boys 1 girl, I have 1 girl 1 boys. they range between 9-18.. His two oldest boys have horrible anger issues toward their father, which affects the rest of us. When they come on the wknds its a living hell. whats worse is that most wknds they are there my husband has to work, so its just me. I have told him that the 2 older boys can no longer come if he is not there. they become violent towards the other 4 kids. they curse, talk inappropriately and I could go on and on. I love his two youngest kids with all my heart and part of the reason I stay is for them. I dont know what to do. My husband does NOTHING to help this situation, Him and his X have let this behavior go on for yrs and yrs, and now she is starting to have problems with them and her boyfriend and wants to do something, yet for the last 3 yrs she has let them act this way, she even told me she thought it was funny and she got a kick out of them making me cry.


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Exactly... one of them is an adult. I'd be damned if skids would ever be in our home when DH isn't there. If he has to work, he better work something out with BM or get a babysitter! For an 18 year old. Hah! lmao.


Well yeah I told him that, because we had to call the cops on the 16 yr old once for violence, he hit his dad, he came at my 16 yr old daughter ready to bounce on her. My husband said then he would do something, get him in a program yada yada, but nothing has yet to happen so therefore I told him that cant come back unless he is there. He got upset with me a first, saying I wasnt supporting him. That I knew his kids had issues when I married him. Uh yeah but not to this extent and I did not realize I would be the only parent around to try and have to deal with it. His x allowed this behavior, wasnt til she got a bf that she wanted it changed. here recently the 16 yr old was kicked off his school bus for pulling a razor blade and cutting at his wrist,, He NEEDS help, but has his mother or my husband done anything yet NOPE. the 18 yr old was going to diesel college,but recently dropped out, stopped taking his medication for his bipolar and ADHD, says all he needs is his cigs and dip, He has no job, and yet we are paying his cell phone bill. Ill be danged. I tried to talk to my husband and he said he gonna give him a couple months to get job and go from there. he takes a back seat attitude when it comes to his kids. yet he jumps on my 13 yr old son every chance he gets. He said he is hard on him because he doesnt want my son to turn out like his oldest two...are you freaking kidding me. My son is no angel however, he doesnt curse, he doesnt hit or get violent at all. he makes decent grades, hes 13 and gets attitude sometimes but thats the extent, he is really starting to recent my husband and I cant say as I blame him.. My own sister in law, says she hates coming to visit because she doesnt like how her brother treats my kids.....its a nightmare,, I do love him and love love love his younger two kids and I so worry about what would happen to them. there mother doesnt take pride at all in there appearance or anything, i have to make them get in shower when we first get them because they smell horrible, the clothes and shoes nasty falling apart, it breaks my heart bc I know kids can be mean and this is how they are being sent to school.