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We all tested positive…

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... DH, DD2, SS14 and I all tested positive for COVID... so not only did we have him last weekend, we will have him this weekend and then the following weekend as we have a 5-2-2-5 schedule. I live for the moments when this kid is at his moms house.



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Thanks... I just needed to get that out before I quite literally lost my mind....

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There goes the weekend! Hope you beat this quickly.

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Sounds like hell.  Can you just stay in bed for most of the time since you are ill?

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Trust me I know how you feel. I just had to see SD the past 2 weekends in a row and tomorrow starts the 3 weekend. Can you at least make it so when he is over covid he can do a 3 weekend in a row stint at BMs?

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It's ROUGH. Sorry you went through it, too. No, we have a rule with BM where we don't swap out time... she's HC so it's really in place to prevent her from constantly flip flopping. 

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I mean, if you can go back to work in 5 days after a positive test now, SS should go home!

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Yes, he will go back after 5 days (for two days with her- then it's our weekend again). BM was pushing for 14 but we told her we would be following the CDC. 

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Omg that sucks! That is like my worse fear lol! I hope you all recover fast and don't get real sick!