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Weekend plans

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Do people still have sleepovers? I've been with DH for years now and not once has SS13 ever had a sleepover. Puts minimal effort into everything he does. If given the option would prefer to just follow DH around and/or sit on his ass and watch Tik Toc. Peter Pan to the max- never wanting to grow up. Attention seeking like you wouldn't believe...

He's been at our house for about 5 hours now and I'm burnt out... I have no idea what's normal anymore. Is this the new 13 y/o boy norm? I thought at 13 kids wanted to spend time with peers- not be up their fathers ass... DD2 can occupy her time better than he can it's wild... ugh...



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My SS used to have sleepovers at our house and at BM's.  But a lot of kids don't socialize outside of school and social media/video games. Your DH might have to push him to do so. Gone are the days of young kids and teens hanging out around the neighborhood with friends. 

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OSD did. YSD never unless it's her birthday. She's got issues. Well both of them do really. OSD stopped asking friends to stay over at our home when the PAS started.

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AdultSkid had few friends but thr one s he did have were future felons. I actually forbade sleep overs. Me and my husband had very young children and I breatfed them and they were in diapers. I didn't need the stress of skid clones taking resources and staring and being obnoxious.

I'm fine with being an evil stepmother. I was painted as such long before I disengaged and did for now adult skid. So, I decided f it I'm embracing this shit. I feel peace.

Adult skid is addicted to videogames. He is morphing into the epitome of a "neckbeard" under BM's wonderful parenting regime. Not under my roof though. 

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If my memory serves me right.. I think it's more typical for girls to have sleepovers than boys.  I know my brother didn't have many at all.  I had a few.

With my SD's we didn't really allow sleepovers on our time for a few reasons.

1.  We were cautious with the girls sleeping elsewhere

2.  My DH didn't have much time with them as it was.. so he didn't want them away for those times.

What we did allow was for them to bring friends once they got a little older (12+) on our vacations.. so we let people stay over with us.

Their mom did allow more sleepovers.. but that kind of stopped when my YSD started havine seizures.. and actually had one at another girl's house.