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SO is at court this morning. Wish us well. Crazo just doesn't get it!

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SO finally has a court date from Crazo's Christmas Eve incident last year.

If you pray, say a prayer for him and think positive thoughts for us. It is so hard not being able to plan holidays, vacations, or even day to day events with the skids because crazo refuses to stick to the CO.

We are hoping the judge looks at her and says this is what the CO says and unless the TWO of you agree to a change, then this is the way it is.

The kids miss their dad and want to spend more time with him. She is jealous and insecure. The worst part is she uses the kids to hurt my SO and she doesn't care if it hurts them in the process.

Wish us well. We need it.


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Good luck! I remember you blogging about that incident, your BM is NUTS. Don't you hate it that it happened 8 months ago and you are just now able to be heard in court???

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Yes, and she still isn't following the CO. She does what ever she wants...Why is this allowed. It is so unfair to the kids...I am watching my phone waiting for SO to call. I really hope it goes well.

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Let us know how it goes-I have my fingers crossed and I am praying for you guys!