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SD the classless pig that she is....

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So SD shows up without any word to my DH that she is in town. Then she comes over this morning asking to take our daughter to the zoo, of course we have to pay. I told my husband no, we don't have the money and my daughter didn't want to go with her anyway.
She shows back up to the house, having left her girlfriend there while she and her 5 yr old brat went, sleeping in my office on the floor. Who puts someone on the floor. I had been out exercising and came back to find her friend in my office. I opened the door curious why it was shut and told her, honey, go sleep in my daughter's room.
Noone told me her friend wasn't going and was staying at our house. So then the bitch shows up, me thinking from the zoo, and following behind her is my DH's son's wife and new baby. Mind you, I haven't spoken to this drama queen for two years since I received a hate letter from her and the SS. The SD came outside where I was fuming and started commenting on how her feet hurt from walking at the zoo, I looked at her and said, "It's not allright for you to come over to our house and take over and not tell me or anyone who's going to show up. It's my house too and this is total bullshit!" She said, "whoa, whoa, whoa time out!" I left with my things and drove away. My DH sent a text saying, "where are you?" I went off on him saying how freaking disrespectful his daughter is, that the SS's wife was the last person I wanted to see. Haven't heard back from him. So pissed.


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how generous of her to offer to take your daughter out on your dime. when i ask to take my niece somewhere, i pay for everything. isn't that what an invitation is?

a few years ago, i was making dinner and sd and her bf pull in. fdh asks me if i made enough for them. i said "did i know they were coming? NO, there is not enough for them!" and there really wasn't! turns out he knew all day they were coming. fool. that's what he gets for not bothering to tell me! i do not appreciate unexpected guests like sd showing up without me having prior knowledge and then be expected to play hostess to them!

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Ya and I'm the bad guy now. I'm acting like a spoiled child because i didn't bend over backwards and cater to these girls.

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do NOT let dh make you out to be wrong for not appreciating being barged in on. how would he like it if that had been your parents or neice or nephew, etc? if it had been anyone but his kids, would it still be ok? ask him that.

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DIL came in holding her baby up like a trophy just smiling. I said a quick hello, taken way off guard, and walked outside where DH's daughter came out and started complaining about how much her feet hurt from the zoo. I could care less about this kind of small talk from her. I looked at her and told her it's not okay to come here and take over and have people show up without saying anything, or asking. I said, this is my house too, and that's not cool. She interjected going, whoa, whoa, whoa, time out, making the time out gesture with her hands. Really? I then said this is BS! and walked away.

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OMG!! Id be furious too!! Dont let your DH turn this around on You!!!!! Thats just so wrong on sooooo many levels!!!! Did your DH know about all this?? He'd be totally sleeping on the couch!!! & WTH is that crap of leaving uninvited houseguests at your house, in Your office?!? Wtf was she thinking?!? Id be beyond pissed!!!

Dont ever let them run you outta the house Ever again!!! Kick ALL of em out next time, IF it ever dares happen again!!! Your DH should be ASHAMED of all this!!!!


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You are so right for being furious. I can't believe your SD did all this. And, really? Who leaves friends sleeping in their SM's office??? I wouldn't even dream of leaving a friend to sleep at my mom's house, but, if I did, you can bet your ass that I would not only CALL and TELL my mom I was coming first, but, that I had a friend coming and that they would be taking a nap while I went out.

This all makes me super glad that my SD isn't old enough to drive and is probably too lazy to make the six hour drive out to our house even if she could drive.

Don't let your DH get to you, you've every right to be furious over SD showing up unannounce and then coming back later with someone you did NOT want to see. But, I'll agree with some of the others, next time, kick THEM out. You shouldn't have to leave your house.

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He has totally turned this around on me. We had talked about how we would deal with these situations, over and over up until Saturday night. Everything we agreed on went out the window as soon as his daughter showed up. His kids can do no wrong, ever.
He agreed with what he was supposed to do with my disengaging at the therapists, and then it's all on me because he doesn't like that I responded to being completely kept out of the loop. I told him I have NO PROBLEM with them visiting at our house, but I needed to know what the plans were ahead of time so I could make my own plans. It is so screwed up that he didn't say anything to his daughter about how she dealt with things not being okay. DH and I were doing fantastic for awhile, really working on our marriage, now this...20 steps back. It's allright for them to disrespect me but it's not allright for me to be hurt and pissed off royally that all we discussed went to hell.