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Disengagement for me, but DH not abiding by agreement

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I disengaged from my 4 hateful, disrespectful SK's after 6 years of pain. I had come to the point where I was believing I was this terrible person they trash-talked me to everyone about. When I got physically sick from the stress and DH doing nothing to help, that's when I decided enough is enough.

No Appreciation.....Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Since I have been married to my husband, several years now, I have been the one to pick out and buy, send, gifts to his kids and grandchildren for birthdays and Christmas. At this point, I have no relationship with his kids because they have chosen to nit-pick and find everything wrong with me over the years and hate, hate, hate instead of seeing the good person I am. I had to disengage after enduring too much mental, then physical stress, from these toxic relationships. But, I have continued to send presents at Christmas and birthdays for his kid's children.