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OT- Skin tags?

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So I’m having some issues with skin tags. I’ve noticed more I have a few popping up but for the most part it’s not a big deal. However now I have one on my leg and I keep rubbing / catching it and it’s getting irritated and starting to annoy me. It’s not hugely painful but I want it gone.

I really don’t want to waste a copay to see a doctor but if I have to I have to. They aren’t discolored or alarming and like I said for the most part I can ignore them. It’s just a bad location for this one. Anyone know a safe at home way to get rid of them?


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For ones that are only attached by a small piece of skin, I've been known to use small, sharp scissors to cut them off. They may bleed.

I had a bunch on my neck and for $120, my dermatologist trimmed off 10 or 12 of them (the fee would have covered up to 20, I think - can't remember). None have grown back, thankfully.


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I have cut mine off (it's hereditary too BTW!)  - first I numb it with an ice cube, then use super sharp small scissors (cleaned with rubbing alcohol) and just snip it, put on a little anitbiotic cream and done.

If you have a lot, or if it's not in an area you can reach, your Dr. can remove it easy.  Mine has done this for me in my annual physical exam and not charged my insurance extra.

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Tie some thread around it tight at the base and wait a few days.  The blood supply will be cut off and it will just fall off like a scab.  Once it falls off, you may want to put some antibiotic ointment on it and cover it with a bandaid for a few days.  Pretty painless and easy if they aren't too big.

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I cut DH's off with a scalpel.  They do bleed a lot so you need to apply pressure for a few minutes. 

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If you're squeamish and don't mind a little wait, tea tree oil will take them away.  I had one under my bewb that drove me crazy.  Little dab of tea tree every night and it was gone in about a month.