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More paperwork.

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SO got more paperwork from his time in service. Still not seeing anything about his deployments and still no medical records. This one did have more information about his promotions and then a TON about his leaving the service.

Still very clear it’s not his entire file. There were a few of his certificates and more of his orders to transfer from base to base but nothing about any of the awards he was given. There were a lot more papers about his health insurance and benefit payouts but those are all from before the second child was born.

He was a little supprised to see his biological mother was the one who signed his consent to join the military in the first place (he was underage). He was pretty sure it was his adopted mother / father.

Hopefully getting this second set of paperwork means we'll get more as they find it. We already passed the first set to the VSO and we'll get this one to her also and see where it gets us.

We are waiting to hear back from the VA to see if SO's request for medical care got approved so he can start seeing a therapist.


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Not to be a downer. But the VA is SLOW as dirt. I'm not going to sugar coat it. Onc ehe gets approved they'll do an intake appointment before getting him into a therapist. Then the appointment scheduling is irregular at best.

This has been the experience with my DH.

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Thankfully the hospital here does seem to be a bit better on appointments. My mom normally gets in for stuff within a week if it's something "routine" and major things like intensive dental work take about a month or so.

That being said SO will be low on the chain of priority so I don’t expect him in anytime soon. Just getting in the system though will be progress.

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True anything is progress here.

I think the biggest issue we have is the VA clinic is SMALL and then it's also far and services a large area.  DH's Psychiatrist literally Skypes in for appointments.