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OT- Bankruptsy filing tomorrow.

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I am so ready to be done with this whole thing. While I feel a great relief knowing that the process is almost over for the most part and I'm looking at a MUCH better future it's been very depressing. Nothing like pricing every single object in your home and trying to explain that no my couch isn’t worth even 25 in a yard sale because it’s being held together with 2X4’s, a ton of screws, and even more luck.

Engaged yet.

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Lately the oldest has taken to asking SO and I if we are engaged yet. She’s not the only one. SO’s mother is pushing it, my mom is pushing it, and now her.

The thing is yes we plan to get married it’s just we’ve held off any plans until we took care of other things that needed to be handled first. In my case it’s my bankruptcy (my personal finical issue). SO’s divorce was finalized about a year ago and it’s only been the last few months that he’s had real job stability.

What to include in calendar?

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So I transferred all the information I could from my journal app to a Google Calendar.

I’ve got when we picked up the kids, who picked them up, and where was pick up.

I’ve got when they were returned to BM, who picked them up or if we’ve returned them and why. All of her pick up happen at our home unless we return them to her which has happened about 3 times since July.

I’ve clearly marked the days we had them.

I included any events through school or their extracurricular activities that he, I, or us attended / took them to.

Parenting time tracking apps?

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I know this might be redundant, hell I've already asked similar questions, but what is the best way to keep track of who has the kids when. Bonus if it also tracks who was supposed to have them and who did. And you guessed it free or VERY low cost is best. Like I've said in the past since things changed in BM's home we have the children almost every day they don't have school. The official order says we get them every other weekend, 3 hours on Tuesday, and a mix of holidays.


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SO- The VSO was able to get ahold of SO’s last base. They did confirm they have some records of him being there and are trying to collect everything to send her copies. This alone proves the DD214 is incorrect since these are dates after what it lists. The VSO is also supposed to be trying to get the medical records from when he was overseas. SO is supposed to ask about how all this will impact his intent to file. We will push through a claim based just on the physical issues and once we have the corrected DD214 he will start the process of getting his PTSD diagnosed.

Is new daddy gone?

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Anyone want to place bets?

BM’s in a p*ssy mood.

She’s stopped using the group text (her idea to start it).

We haven’t heard about new him lately.

Oldest has stopped talking about them getting a new home and the amazing Disney trip to happen in summer.

Little one is acting out in class.

BM was b*tching about how she’s a “full-time” mom and doesn’t have time for sex.

She’s complaining she doesn’t have any money and no one to come pick up the kids Sunday because brothers out of town. (Tough sh*t, take off work.)

OT- Bankruptcy

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I don’t know how I feel right now. I finally set an appointment to talk to a lawyer about bankruptcy. I know I’ve said before how tight money is and I know it just doesn’t make since. I have 10 different reasons why I’m in the spot I am now but none of them really have anything to do with SO but he is the reason I’m finally doing this. I just can’t keep spinning my wheels like this.

Missing etsy gift - advice needed

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Has anyone dealt with ordering from etsy and not getting their order?

For Christmas I ordered the oldest a gift off of etsy. She wants a toy from a book she loves that they just don’t mass produce so I found someone in another county who makes them. Everything about the person’s page looked good. They had plenty of reviews and so I went ahead and placed the order.

OT- SO's grandmother

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Doctors have given her about 3 weeks. Basically she has stopped eating altogether and thankfully the husband has decided to respect her wishes. She would not want to be kept alive like this. They will keep her comfortable and she will be given a saline drip to keep her hydrated but they won’t push nourishment just to keep her alive in the state she’s in.