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VSO continued

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SO had a meeting with the VSO today. We’ve had a little back and forth this week because I’ve been worried about him losing the intent to file and it just seemed like he wasn’t trying. She finally just set a meeting time and told me to make sure he’d be there.

Bathroom safety

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SO, myself, the kids, and one other family member went out the other day and had to stop by his work. While there the youngest and the family member needed to go to the bathroom so they went. Since he’s a boy he went into the men’s and she went into the women’s. He’s entering first grade this year and he’s mature enough to go to the bathroom on his own.

Summer and BM's awol.

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So it’s summer finally. Kids got out Thursday last week and as normal BM started messaging about SO getting them early. He was supposed to pick up Friday but agreed to get them from school. As usual BM is MIA already. BM isn’t responding to messages and forget about her calling the kids. She hasn’t even set dates for her mid break visit. It’s frustrating because the youngest is already asking when they go back and we have no answer for him. I’m expecting us to have them most of the summer which isn’t an issue except again we don’t know what to tell the little one when he asks about mom.

Can she keep him?

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SO and I got to meet BM’s new guy yesterday. He’s physically much different than anyone else she’s dated before. I know that shouldn’t matter but BM has shown she has a type. Typically smaller than her since she has a history of physically abuse. His personality is also different. More teddy bear. Kid seem pretty normal around him so that’s good.

Emotionally unprepared

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SO’s little one will be graduating Kindergarten next Friday. The kid’s very smart but none of us think he’s emotionally ready for first grade. He already redid preschool for that reason and there’s no way they will hold him back for his behavior but all year he’s struggled.

New partners and "family" events.

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Listen I get it. New love is a powerful thing but I really wish BM would slow down on involving them with the kids. Next week we have kindergarten graduation for the little one. BM’s new man of the month will be coming. She was head over heels with new daddy number 2 at the start of this year. Talking about moving in and all that. Now she’s popping out a new name of a new guy. Not even 3 months and he’s going to be at this “major” event for the kid.

Educational software ideas

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This school year the oldest child had a school issued laptop. The little one also had more computer access in his class. I’d like to build off of this during our summer with them.

I have an old laptop that I’m going to factory reset then lock down and I’d like to install educational style programs. The problem is I’m so out of the loop when it comes to these sort of programs.