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OT- Can’t win medically

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I went to a chiropractor the other day because I’ve been having some minor issues with my neck. It’s a little stiff, a little tender, my range of motion a little restricted, and mostly it’s pops a lot.

We’ll chiropractor did some x-rays and wants to see me A LOT over the next few months to “fix” the issues he found. I’m a little skeptical but then again I’m not blind and even without him pointing out things I could see some issues with my x-rays.

OT- Skin tags?

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So I’m having some issues with skin tags. I’ve noticed more I have a few popping up but for the most part it’s not a big deal. However now I have one on my leg and I keep rubbing / catching it and it’s getting irritated and starting to annoy me. It’s not hugely painful but I want it gone.

I really don’t want to waste a copay to see a doctor but if I have to I have to. They aren’t discolored or alarming and like I said for the most part I can ignore them. It’s just a bad location for this one. Anyone know a safe at home way to get rid of them?

Update to house (LONG)

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Thank you really quick for everyone's advice.


SO and I spoke more about the house so I could get a better idea of the plan. His mother is not ready to completely move out but we both agree it feels like she's preparing. She is planing to go out of state for a bit to visit her other child but she'll be taking her dogs and won't be staying. We wouldn't be surprised if she finds a place and only comes back to get things.


The house

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Well it’s official. The family home is being put into SO’s name. The only thing that worries me is apparently there’s another sick family member. This is the 5 one in less than a year and his mom is still reeling from the last one. I’m really worried about her mental health.

She plans to at least temporally move closer to her other child. Right now she’s claiming she will come back but SO is pretty sure that’s not true. Once she gets established she’ll most likely only come back to get the stuff she wants.

VSO Update

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We found the paperwork SO lost but he had already visited with the VSO and filled out a new copy which was then given directly to an assistant for the senator’s office. Apparently there was a big veterans support meeting /convention like thing and that’s where SO meet up with the VSO.

OT- Meeting Friday

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SO has a meeting with the VSO Friday. She is getting a new copy of the paperwork he lost and will help him fill it out. This is supposed to give them idea of where to look to find the phsyical records of him being overseas.

Not quite a fight.

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I don’t know how to explain it because we didn’t fight but I tore into SO last night. We’re having new issues with BM which we saw coming up now that she’s engaged. Long story sort she’s back to ignoring questions and pretending she’s the only parent that matters.

The kids are right there.

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Last week I took the kids to a sports camp and met another bonus mom. When she found out the kids weren’t mine the first thing she asked was if BM and I get along.

The kids were literally feet from us and so was one of her her stepson's who I’m sure could hear EVERYTHING she said which was not nice.

I may come here and rant, rave, and gripe but I’m not stupid.

Kids insurance

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With BM getting married we’re guessing the kids will no longer quality for state insurance under her.

 The original order said SHE is to provide insurance through her employer and SO is to cover part of the cost but now of course she’s trying to say HE has to provide it on his own. The “standard” state order says BOTH provided unless that’s not a viable option.

Well it’s not for SO. He is now TECHNICALLY covered through the VA. The court looked at his last job and they decided it wasn’t mandatory for him to carry them which is why their order says she has to.

Relacement daddy

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I warned SO it would happen and with the recent engagement we were informed of we’ve now had a break down between our “co-parenting”. The thing is SO is CLUELESS so we got into it last night. BM made it clear she doesn’t believe she has to consult with him when it comes to the kids and even popped off incorrectly about the order which clearly says she does have to and that they have joint custody 100%.