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Summer and Child Support

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I’m looking for advice on how to get the child support office to adjust SO’s support for summer.

SO’s order clearly identifies he gets the kids for 6 weeks in the summer. It also clearly states that for any period he has the child for 2 weeks he only pays half the child support amount. Last summer he was charged the full amount and it seems like the office pretty much ignored his attempts to have them adjust it for that time period.

SO and CBD

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Friday SO’s mother gave him some CBD oil and a vape pen. I’ve been skeptical about all the hype for CBD and maybe it’s placebo but I’m sold. He was using it Friday night after the kids got to bed and off and on Saturday and the change for him was amazing. He slept without any issues and for the first time in I don’t know how long he didn’t get sick at all for the day. Then Saturday I found out our city was doing some random event and wanted to go with the kids so SO decided to really push the possible benefits.

"It's not fair to them" - BM wants to change vistiation dates.

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Once again I’m seeing that any time there’s going to be conflict BM goes straight to SO and completely locks me out. Given I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it directly but we’ve been using a group text for months now. EVERYTHING goes through it except when she wants to fight or try to manipulate SO.

More paperwork.

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SO got more paperwork from his time in service. Still not seeing anything about his deployments and still no medical records. This one did have more information about his promotions and then a TON about his leaving the service.

Still very clear it’s not his entire file. There were a few of his certificates and more of his orders to transfer from base to base but nothing about any of the awards he was given. There were a lot more papers about his health insurance and benefit payouts but those are all from before the second child was born.

Wish I could trust it.

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Things have been a lot better with BM for the past few months. I’ve said it before but there’s always a disruption and things blow up on us. We had a minor event a few weeks back and I wanted to snap back but didn’t and then less than a week later she’s calling me to ask about weekend plans and things are good.

OT- Medical benefits request.

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SO and I went to the VA yesterday and they accepted the new paperwork as proof of service. He filled out the request for medical benefits. Without the disability claim he’ll be low priority but at least we can get him started in therapy and get the PTSD diagnosed. It will also help if he gets sick and needs treatment because right now he doesn’t have any insurance.

We also stopped by the VSO’s office and dropped off the paperwork with her. She wasn’t in but hopefully she can get a look at it because we’ve both noticed it’s lacking a lot of stuff.

When can you relax on supervision.

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With summer coming up SO and I are trying to decide how much more freedom the children should get. The oldest will be entering 4th grade in the fall and the youngest goes into 1st. The oldest is very responsible and trustworthy. The youngest is a little rambunctious and doesn’t always think before he acts but it’s not destructive. More careless. We’ve started letting the play outside of the apartment without direct supervision with instructions they can’t cross the road and haven’t had any issues. I would like to continue to expand on this sort of stuff.

We got the paperwork

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I got home from picking up some medication and checked the mail to find a full size letter for SO. It's his military file. I don't understand everything in it but I understand enough. I saw his transfer from one branch into the other. I saw his E4 rank. I saw his job title. I saw enough to completely believe everything he told me about his length of service. It's more than enough to show that the Archives is incorrect and the DD214 is wrong. He already sent an email to the VSO asking to meet with her and figure out where we go from here.

OT- Stomach issue update

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I started feeling better Wednesday though I’m still not 100%. Thank you for all the advice given. I took time and looked up a few of the things I was told and I’m going to keep them written down for the next time this happens because it will sooner or later.

Physically I’m getting more sleep. Maybe 2/3rds of what I need but I’m functional. My stomach feels tight and doesn’t want to relax but it’s not just a mass of pain now. While I’m still having reflux it’s not to the point of gagging (TMI sorry). My head ache is mostly gone.

OT- Stomach issues

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I’ve had long term stomach issues. They are really acting up this week and I’m having a lot of trouble. I can’t sleep because of the reflux / nausea. I’m struggling at work mentally and physically because I’m so exhausted. My stomach just hurts. I feel like I’m not digesting food. I’ll eat dinner at 6PM and it feels like it’s still sitting on my stomach in the morning.