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But she does it all

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Despite how it may appear on here for the most part I don’t let BM impact my daily life. I dump everything here then move on.

However, something happened this past weekend that is still pissing me off. There was an issue with one of the kids and instead of talking about it BM pulled out the “I do all the parenting” card.

How do you guys handle screen time?

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For the most part during the weekend visitation there’s not much of a problem with the kids being in front of the screens too long because we try to get out to the park or do things together.

With summer coming though I want a better plan then last year. Last year we tried to do 15 minutes of something educational = 15 minutes of screen time. Problem is with the then 4 year old this was a nightmare and didn’t work out at all.

Mental health and step parenting

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We hear alot of the BM's who have clear mental health issues... I for one think my partners may have borderline personality disorder. But what about step parents.

A few nights ago I slept walked again which I haven't done in forever. Basicly my sleep disturbance is so bad again I'm sleep walking. I can remember the anxiety I felt while I must have been sleep walking. Since then my sleep has been even worse.

I've also noticed my depression is back with a vengeace and I think my other medication isn't working so well.

Is it worth it?

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I’ve written before about how the kids live about an hour away. SO doesn’t really call that much because it just doesn’t go that well. The little one is really too young to care about the phone and the oldest seems uncomfortable. This goes both ways. If BM calls our place the kids act the same so I’m not trying to blame her.

Big weight off our shoulders

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So my parents just stopped by my work which is very odd. Turns out my dad’s VA case has finally been worked out. Me and my partner had some issues pop up this past month that I didn’t want to share because on the insane chance BM is watching this site (I know I’m paranoid) it was way too obvious.

Anyways my partner and I were digging up everything we could to just make it a few more months till his VA should start and my dad just ensured that we don’t have to worry. By no means does this make everything perfect but our biggest fears have just been laid to rest.

No Easter

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I was absolutely fuming last night.

This weekend was BM’s weekend with the kids as well as her year for Easter. I can respect that fully. She has every right to refuse SO any extra time but what she did was in my mind so completely low and the worst thing is it really was the kids who paid the price.

Hoping all is well.

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I wrote a few weeks back about my partner having a PTSD attack at work. Last night he texted me letting me know a trusted coworker gave him the heads up that the place is trying to fire him.

We live in a state where you can be fired at will so I'm pretty worried. The only thing helping us is they really don't have a reason. SO didn't come close to hurting anyone or really doing anything wrong. He also has phone recordings moving that his absence was supposed to be excused and that's supposedly how they are trying to get him.

How is your mom?

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Looking for advice or if anyone can share about their experience on how to speak to the kids about their mom.

Let me start by saying SO and his ex do not co-parent well. There are some positive moments but they are typically laced with ulterior motives on BM’s part. She can be very high conflict when she doesn’t get her way. She constantly lies and plays the victim as well as basically ignoring my partner’s role in his children’s lives.

No missed calls

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So apparently SO NEVER accpts BM's calls.

Her father called to check what was up and explained that she was being a bit of a b*tch. Claiming SO never accepts her calls. Odd we don't show any missed calls? Odd she didn't text SO or use the parenting app? Odd they were taxing over some kids stuff yesterday but no SO never let her speak to the kids when they are with us.