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From the mouth of babes.

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I'm not good about updating this. Life is generally simple in these parts. Instead I think I'll convert this blog of mine to just involve quotes from FSD11 that tickle my funny bone. I know it's not quite the same as having a young child making silly comments, but her age is just funny to me and as she grows up, I think it will stay funny.

FSD11: When you were little did you go to church?

ME: Sometimes. I always counted down though. After Communion I knew it was almost over.

---which leads us to a conversation about what Communion is in the Catholic Church.---

FSD11: Why do they give out bread?

ME: It's based on an old Biblical story where Jesus was eating with a lot of people and . . .

FSD11: OH I KNOW! He turned into a loaf of bread!


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It sounds like Madea has been telling her Bible stories.LOL

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I'd like to hear the rest of her biblical interpretations!

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My church did an easter "interview" with a bunch of kids one year and the things they said left the congregation in hysterics! I can't even remember what they said but one kid had aliens involved!