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The Dog

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I'm not sure if this is OT (and/or silly), but I need to vent anyway.

About 1 1/2 years ago, I interviewed and was offered a job that I really thought was promising. It was a few miles from home, and just seemed like a great place to work, which it is. However, the owner brings his dog to work just about every day. I'm allergic. I decided to suck it up and sniffle, sneeze, and take antihistamines until a better job came along, or I couldn't take it anymore. Lo and behold, I can now tolerate the dog just fine. She is very very sweet, and a fun dog to be around.

I told DH that I'd really like a dog at home, since I enjoy the dog at work so much. He started looking at the Humane Society website, and (to make a long story short)we ended up adopting the cutest doggie in the world.

She was really out of sorts for the first week or so. She was spayed, had shots, probably didn't eat for a long time, etc. I don't believe she was ever housebroken. I "think" she was paper-trained, but I'm not even sure about that.

Well, now she's beginning to act like a dog, and not a stuffed animal anymore. She's working on housebreaking, with some accidents. I NEVER expect DH to clean it up...ever. She is now learning to let me know that she needs to go outside, which happened at 4am.

I took her out, but DH couldn't go back to sleep, so he decided to slam and bang around in the kitchen for awhile, until I woke up. THEN he told me how much he HATES the dog, how she has to live in the basement from now on, etc. I have been referring to him as "Daddy" to the dog (keep in mind that this is my first pet, and I'm so thrilled that I can barely contain it). I am no longer permitted to refer to him as Daddy, because it's "disgusting". I'm crocheting her a sweater, and he's actually jealous.

So, this little dog has taken my mind off of his rotten spawn, the upcoming holidays (which I am sure will be fraught with misery from the skids), and just generally put me in a good mood. Apparenty that is NOT ALLOWED in this house.

He told me a few weeks ago that he wanted this to be a nice Christmas for me, unlike last year (his spawn ruined it for me). Epic failure, so far.

Why the HELL would he go to the trouble (and expense) of getting this dog, only to turn around and make sure that owning a dog will totally SUCK for me, until I take the dog back to the Humane Society? And yes, he has owned dogs before.


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Hey, I just got one too! If my DH is any example today, women are not the only ones who get PMS.

I never even liked dogs but this one really needed a good home, and he swore he would take care of her, and here she sits, waiting on me to take her for a walk while he is being all grumpy and slamming things around because I asked him to help me get ready for company!

He is out of work but somehow feels I should still work when I am off, after working a full week! I am working here, he just feels he should be off, because I am off (from my paying job)! Grrrr . . . I feel your pain!

I love having a third party here (the dog) though, so neither of us can get too carried away with ourselves! ahem (him!) cough LOL
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Aw she sounds like she really needed a home!
You did a good thing in getting her!
I think you should keep her, even if hes jealous of a DOG! Tell him, you already fell in love with her, and you dont want to let her go. Was she your christmas present?

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Sounds to me like your DH is just Mr. Sleepy McGrumpypants in this case.

My FH wasn't too pleased about adopting our newfie pup when we accidently bought adult food instead of puppy food and the poor little (huge) guy was up with the runs for about three nights straight. This was before pup was able to navigate the staircase so it was on FH to carry all 40 lbs of him downstairs to go outside. Lack of sleep does affect one's ability to think clearly.

Thank goodness we persevered; giant puppy is now 10 months old and 115 lbs of fuzzy love!

I say let DH get a good night's sleep then tell him you forgive him for his crankiness. Then stand firm and keep your doggie! The early morning wakings will stop eventually. Maybe some "Daddy" / doggie bonding time is in order. Smile

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My FDH and I go round and round over our dog. He has 5 year old daughter (my FSD) and I have a 5 year old pitbull (who thinks of herself as his FSD Smile ) Since I've never been married before, don't have any biokids yet, my dog "Josi" is my kid! In the beginning of our relationship FDH and I would always joke about how happy we were that "our 5 year olds liked each other". Skip foward to being engaged, and living together...and it's a whole other story!! We are working on parenting/disciplining/teaching rules to SD5 "Scooty". Josi has always been fully trained, does tricks, is a very good dog. Well for a few months now she's been very jealous and acting out (no longer the only child). Well Josi and Scooty are both having problems with the rules, and FDH will totally yell at Josi and pin her up, but won't say anything to Scooty. If his 5 year old won't follow the rules, then why should mine? Blum 3

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When DH and I met, I had my German Shepherd which is my baby. He has full run of my house and is quite spoiled, but he's completely trained and doesnt even need a leash to walk. He listens on total voice command. He does have a weakness for trash and water from the tiolet. well, DH was bit in the butt from a German Shepherd so he was hestiant around him at first. But he knew how much my dog meant to me. Fast forward to now, my DH refers to him as OUR dog and will say "come to daddy". He feeds him and cares for him as much as I do. He plays with him all the time. Yes he at times, gets on his nerves and he gets on mine sometimes as well. But he's our dog and he's welcomed the dog in his life as I welcomed his kids into mine. The kids even say to the dog "go get Daddy" or they tell him "go get mommy". The kids love the dog too and we tell them its our family dog. So they feel its their dog as well. I think the dog has actually made us closer. My dog is a distraction for me as well when skids are wearing on my last nerve. I will take the dog for a walk or just have him snuggle with me while I watch TV in our bedroom. If the dog is truly something you care about, than you shouldnt have to give it up. Just like someone else said, when the skids gets on your nerves, you dont say go sign them over the state!!