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Who knows the user cat.lady?

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I received a message full of swearing and insults from this person. I thought this site was to vent without being insulted. If you are reading this cat lady, you need to get help something is seriously wrong with you. How care you send someone you dont even know a long message of insults over her post?

Sending SS to boarding school was not getting rid of him but it was the solution to many problems and the arrangement is beneficial to everyone including SS himself. For your own info he actually enjoys being at boarding school. Boarding schools have their benefits and they were not created for the purpose of keeping unwanted children.


So would you rather we kept SS at a day school and he kept failing because he was busy with people's business and forming lies instead of focusing on his school work? If SS was a normal, decent kid with self discipline there wasn't going to be a need to send him to boarding but his father saw it himself that his son is a problem and he would not stop until he destroyed his marriage. His marriage comes first over a troublesome child. Ten years from now SS will have his own wife and kids and what about DH if he allows him to destroy his marriage?

People who do bad things are sent to prison, so should you swear at the judges and police officers for gettinf criminals off the street? People who are addicted are sent to rehab and troublesome children are sent to boarding school. It is school and not a graveyard so please spare me your nonsense. And there are school breaks that is when we will get to tolerate his crap. 

You are such a dumb fool. You talk a lot of shit as if you have any idea what you are talking about or any idea what kind of a child SS is. You think you are better than everyone don't you? Well let me tell you, you are not! Fact that you wasted your time writing crap in my inbox shows that you are a judgmental bully. 

People like you should be expelled from this site. If you are not happy about the decision we made that we saw best for everyone go shoot yourself.


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Unfortunately, there are some very unpleasant people in the world.  If you get a nasty DM, please contact Dawn or Aniki-Moderator who can deal with the problem.  

Please don't let this put you off the site.  Most folks genuinely want to help.

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It's a troll. Contact Aniki and she will ban them. Also set your ability to receive messages to friends only. 

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You can block people that aren't on your contact list from being able to send you messages.  A lot of members have received messages from trolls, doing the below will put a stop to it.


Click on the little person in the upper-right.

Click on My account.

Click on Edit.

Scroll down to Allow private messages from

Select Only those who have an established relationship with me.

Scroll to the bottom and click Save.