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Apparently we "ruined" SD's hair.

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Last August, we went and got SD's hair cut. She loved it, and she had fun going to the salon (a hip place called Birds Barbershop, which is kind of quirky and fun and very hip). Well, now that BM has popped out another sprog, her sister and mother are in town. Tonight, SD told SO on the phone that she couldn't go to Birds anymore because "barber shops aren't for little girls, they're for men". SO explained that it was just the name of the salon, and that Birds is for everyone. SD replied, "They ruined my hair." :jawdrop:

WHAT IN THE FUCK. I don't know which one of those cunts told a six year old girl that her hair was ruined, but they both deserve to get a gallon of feces sent to their front doors. I am absolutely livid. WHat in the fuck is wrong with BM and her clan?!


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Be careful, BM had a stipulation added to the CO that DH had to get SS's haircuts approved by her ahead of time. No joke! It was because SS wanted his head shaved (not completely bald--it was actually cute) and BM wants it super long because apparently long hair makes him look like a little boy?

I'd tell SD, "Okay, well that's the place we go to. There are plenty of other places your mom can take you to to get your haircut." And let BM know that you're not going to have that responsibility anymore.

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I think the one time DH took the SDs to the hairdresser when they were little - the stylist told him they both had head lice.
But this is the best bit - even though we only have the SDs EOW - the NPD BM said it was OUR FAULT the SDs got head lice. Yeah right - everyone who DH works with must have them and they gave them to him and he gave them to the SDs! :?

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I have to say that it's something I was particular about and I took offence when my own sister had my kids for the weekend and 'decided' they needed a haircut. My daughter had, still has, beautiful long hair and my boys enjoyed collar length hair. I get that it grows again but it's not something that I believe is someone else's perogative.
SD wanted to change hair color, she was 11, and I consulted with BM before I did anything and it was agreed that I should put a temporary color on her hair and it was a win win situation then.

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It was August and they are just now getting around to bitching I'd pass it along that the hair cut was old news find at least something recently relevant to complain about.

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August was six months ago. Even a bad cut would have grown out in six months. They were using the kid as a pawn to bash dh and you.

Unless she had butt length hair and you guys chopped it into a Bob, then its had time to regrow and be trimmed to bms liking.

I don't know why parents do those things to their kids. If the hair cut looked bad and was unfixable, say something to dad in private that you'd appreciate he not do that again. If its fixable just take kid in to fix the bad cut. But don't harp on a bad haircut for six months making the poor kid feel ugly. Dh let SS[then8] get a really bad haircut one time. He had asked for a mowhawk for the summer and we both agreed. I was picturing a thin spike type mowhawk....dh came home with a thick mounded MrT mowhawk on him. It looked terrible...more like a really bad fade job than a mowhawk...and quite frankly SS doesn't have the proper hair texture to really pull off a cute mowhawk. I spoke to dh in private and explained that my concern was that it was just going to look worse and worse as his hair grew out. Dh asked SS if he liked his haircut or if he wanted to go have it redone...showing him pictures of different types of cuts. SS said he liked it, but wanted it to look more like a different mowhawk...the thin one that I was originally picturing. We took him back the next feeling bad, no shaming him...we just fixed it.

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Good Lord, the haircut issue! We've dealt with it too, when BM complains about DH getting the boys' haircut, he said fine, we won't do it again, but you better take care of it. SS13 has hair below his shoulders because BM can't be a parent and allowed a 10 year old to make a decision about growing his hair long. He is bullied at school because he looks like a girl. SSstb10 looks like no one cares about how he looks, its messy and growing out. SMDH. Then the boys open their mouths about how their mom said we should take them for haircuts.....NOT. We told them that she is responsible for haircuts because we aren't going down that road again. They pout and say BM doesn't have the money for it. Ummm.....CS????

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Hair is always a battleground. Just don't go there.

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Agree...It is one that you can't win. Just have the Bio's handle it. DH takes SS, because BM is an idiot about it and always was.

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Speaking as a mom, don't everrrrr cut my child's hair. The baby fine angel hair is gone once it is cut off.

My suggestion, buy her some combs, brushes and hair accessories to accommodate. Make the dad pay for it if necessary.

I would never cut a child's hair that wasn't my own bio kid. It would be getting to personal. The dads are stupid when it comes to the kids day to day care and nurturing.

As for the school bullying, it wont change with a haircut. Kids will tease you for a haircut too because kids are mean and rotten to each other.

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LOL, I gave fatass SS16 a bad hair cut about 5 years ago. I still giggle when I think about it.

It wasn't intentional. He likes that hairdo that looks like Justin Beibers when it was long. Fattie still has it.

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Lol dad's are stupid on the day to day care and nurturing? Wow then how bout some of these failure BM's where the dad's are full time sole care giver whatever will they do since they cannot nurture due to a penis. Both my exh and SO have managed haircuts just fine, he'll BM butchered their kids hair SO is the one been fixing it as it grows out. It's been months since op skid hair cut I'm guaranteeing the haircut has nothing to do with anything just crazy manipulations using a kid to do it.

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Funny thing I just remembered after reading through these: last summer before stepdevil14 started all her bullshit with DH, she asked him to take her for a haircut. I also remember DH texing BM for her "permission" and at that time I thought "god, what a pussy, he needs her PERMISSION to cut his own daughter's hair?"

So, they go to a salon up the road from BM's place. Stepdevil had hair that was long, mousy brown and kinda wavy but not pretty, just HUNG there. No style, no bangs, no shape. Just laid there and mostly was greasy due to not washing it.

Apparently stepdevil asked for something "fun" and "flirty". Mind you, she was 13 but had already gotten caught having sex with her boyfriend a month prior. Anyhow, she ended up with an "A" frame, chin length, shaved in the back. It was HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I laughed when I saw her get out of his truck. I was up on the balcony so she didn't know it was me. Anyhow, when they came inside, she ran straight to her room in tears. I could BARELY stifle my giggles. I asked him what was wrong with her and he said "she doesn't like her new haircut". I said, "did you make her do it?" and he said NO WAY.

When he dropped her off at BM's the following weekend, BM called him and tried REEMING him for Stepdevil's hair. He said "you said I could take her to get her hair cut, she ASKED for that cut, goodbye".

I sat there cracking up sipping on my wine and loving the fact that BM and SD were so miserable!