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Meet the Family: A Visual Slap-Stick Representation of my DH's and SD18's Relationship

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Short story short, I found this SHORT video on Youtube -and it ALL MADE SENSE!   I've been in this step-family for six years, and when I saw Garrett's video, the interaction between Garrett (the singer) and Ivan (the cat) was EXACTLY like how my DH and SD18 interact. 
My SD is so malignantly optimistic!  He's blindly oblivious to how SD18 (REALLY) feels about him and his actions UNTIL she literally and figurately "puts the bite" on him.  SD18 (estranged from DH from age 14 on) is so DONE with DH; it showed on her face the last time I saw her.  

The best comments for Garrett's and Ivan's videos were:

  • When looking up "toxic relationship," it should guide you to this video.  LOL!!!
  • "I love how the cats like, "don't worry yall, I'll f*ck him up for this one!"
  • The cat :*wtf, here we go again; he'll let me bite him just for the increased number of views.
  • This dude's tolerance for pain is legendary.
  • I love it when the cat looks perplexed at the camera, like trying to ask people to agree his owner is totally nuts.
  • There has to be a villain-origin backstory for that cat.

Yes, DH and SD18 had a toxic, now estranged relationship.  And I love how SD18 used to do the old, "don't worry yall, I'll f*ck him up for this one!" before she did one of her passive-aggressive shenanigans.   And, of course, DH would let SD18 "bite" him because he was getting something out of it.  Then there's the villain-origin backstory for SD18- in a later post.



More of Garrett and Ivan:




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Well thats some comic relief.

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Doesn't seem to have anything to do with steplife, except funny cat videos. 

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I took an 'artistic' license to describe my DH's and OSD's relationship.  Practicing emotional distance helps keep my life light and enjoyable.  So much suffering and pain are recorded on this site. I thought, maybe wrongly (?), that some would find humor in what I wrote.   For the ones who 'get it' - thank you and much love! 

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My DIL has a tempermental cat.  Last time I visited DS27 and DIL at their house, her kitty came and sat right by me.  So I reached out and petted the kitty, and she growled at me but stayed where she was.

DIL said, "Please don't piss off Bambi, she'll poop in my laundry basket", and my mind immediately went to Killjoy.

These passive aggressive little shidts are so far gone that any attempt to discipline them at this point will cause [more] theft, vandalism, and covert terrorism. 


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I love your insight into stepfamily dramatics!  The cat and Killjoy have (a lot) in common, I see!