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SD16 pre-failure Part 2

DarkStar's picture SD16 was flunking 4 classes as of mid-December. The term ended last Friday which also ended finals week.
As of today, SD16 brought one F up to a B, two up to D, and failed US History abysmally. Her teacher is giving her ANOTHER week to turn in more work and re-take the final. I know many people will feel my pain here……the American public school system is such a joke. My state used to score at the top of the chart for standardized testing…..not so much anymore. Our schools are actively participating in the dumbing down of American youth. Not to mention contributing to the speshul-snowflake-everyone-gets-a-retake-AND-a-participation-trophy culture that is so prevalent. Makes me sick.
FDH was super pissed that she blew off US History so she lost her extra curriculars for this week only, and can’t attend a competition this weekend. Oh yeah and he took her phone. Too little too late, if you ask me. I was pretty happy to see that he made her shovel the entire walkway, sidewalk, and driveway area of snow. It’s HUGE and took her a few hours to complete. Of course, she refused to zip her coat, wear a hat or gloves. So much better to be the poor, misunderstood, tortured person that she is.
In the meantime, SS15 who is on the autistic spectrum, didn’t get below a C in any classes. He got As on many of his finals and if he would have turned his homework in on time, would have gotten even higher grades overall. I am so proud of him and told him as such. We are going to a local bookstore and I’m letting him pick out whatever he wants. He is super excited. He even leaned into me for a hug, which he NEVER does.
SD16’s birthday is next month. I’m going to get her a card, wish her a Happy Birthday, and that is IT. It’s more than what she did for my birthday, which was to totally forget it. I don’t expect or want presents or a party or anything, just a simple “Happy Birthday”. She is so selfish I can’t even stand to be around her.


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You know what blows my mind. SS's school- if you do homework and class work you can fail every test and still have straight A's. There is no actual comprehension. Just shut-up and color. 

At least your DH gave SD some consequences for her grades. 

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but at some point the Girhippo starts doing homework/classwork FOR the skids IF the school starts sending home threatening notices.  That way they can flunk the tests with mommykins doing the homework and class assignments but still pass through the system.

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My SS19's district pushed him through high school - he was in the alternative program and a total a$$ to them, and I'm sure they didn't want to deal with him and his attitude and refusal to complete work.  Nor did they want to ruin their 4-year graduation rate over the likes of him.

I heard SS telling DH that he blamed the district for just pushing him through as why he didn't do well in Community College. LOL!  DH said, "It was your fault, not the school's."

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Good for SS15 in doing so well in school. As for SD I've learned from experience that with certain people when you don't have any expectations you are guaranteed no disappointments. 

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FDH told BM when the skids went there for Christmas for a week about how SD16 needed to study and catch up on homework.  Did she?  NOPE.  She even told FDH that they were "busy playing video games and she forgot".

BM is a only a parent in the biological sense.