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Not caring is HARD

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But I'm getting better at it every day!
No back to school shopping was done AT ALL this year.

* No school supplies? Don’t care
* No T50 or whatever fancy calculator needed for first day? Don’t care. Oh, it’s sold out at every store since it IS the second day of school? HAHA!!!! And oh yeah, don’t care
* Need more socks? Go ask your dad
* You want Ramen noodles from the store for your lunch? Too bad I keep “forgetting” to buy that nasty processed crap. Why don’t you eat something from the very FULL refrigerator? Oh, that would require a minimum of effort to put together. Again, don’t care, go hungry.
* Kids keep “forgetting” their lunches and are spending $50 a week on hot lunch crap and snacks? Not my money, don’t care.
* The kids have a concert tonight? Have fun. No I’m not going. They’re boring, the kids don’t practice their instruments anyway, and I’m not going to be embarrassed for the 50th time at SS16s attention-whoring behavior. I go to a couple of the competitions and things that are actually interesting to me. The kids don’t care if I’m there or not, anyway.
* What should WE make for dinner tonight? I had a huge lunch later in the afternoon and I don’t care what YOU make for dinner for you and the kids.

You all have pushed me to the last limit. I am going to try my darnedest to NOT care, yell, or get upset at any of your continued nonsense which means I need to spend as little time in your presence since that task seems to be darned near impossible for me lately. Enjoy my DO NOTHINGNESS, ungrateful brats.
They are S.L.O.W.L.Y beginning to see all that is NOT BEING DONE for them anymore. Funny, they didn’t seem to notice at ALL when all their sh!t was done and every need accommodated. But, they sure as sh!t DO notice when it’s NOT there. Actions meet consequences. Now feck off and leave me alone. I’m done.


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Brava, DS! Keep doing you, and let all things skid related find it's natural level.

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Doesn't it feel liberating? Like you got your power back?

Own that sh!t DarkStar, you got this!!!

I-m so happy


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DH May care when his kids fail everything in school, or when he gets those nasty notes from there teachers. No supply’s ect.  But he will fix it.

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None of these things are your problem! Let them figure it out!

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And he makes his kids in line and civil and not awful little shits to live with... it may take a while but one day they see how pathetic and lazy their kids are and how selfish they are and they tell them they need to do chores and more at home.

took my husband about a year. I smiled inside because of the sudden shocked look on ss20 face that daddy told him to make himself useful and vacuum the home tomorrow and empty the trash that everyday i was doing the chores and caring for 2 toddlers while he did eff all and hubby had a bad day at work and came home to a mess ss created

next day hubby was at work and messages me has his kid vacuumed and empty trash. I said yes and hubby came home smiling and laughing and said “you know what, he can do this often “

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Love this!  You keep not caring.  It's funny how they're ungrateful when you do everything yet sure do notice when it all stops.

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Your attitude is harsh, but I can not blame you at all.
When you are pushed beyond what you can take by skids, this is the only way to protect your own sanity.
I don't feel an iota of sympathy for your skids - they created this situation themselves by awful behaviour.
Take care of you and stay strong!