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the act of giving

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Monday was valentines day as you all know, we had our taxes done the previous thursday - found out we owe about $5000. wonderful news - NOT!!!
ss17 sent DH a text saying he'd like 2011 bouncyballs for his class prank - they're all throwing bouncy balls down the stairs of the school. DH looked it up online and for less than $500 you can get said amount of balls. DH normally gives $100 for bdays. he said he'd spend that on bouncyballs instead of just giving him cash. i got mad because i think this is an absolutely retarded thing to do with money when we owe SO much by APril 15. really- what are you going to do with the balls after you hurl them down the stairs?? i just said it was stupid and there's better things ss17 could spend his $$ on with college coming up than balls, besides maybe you should cut back the amount anyway and give him more at graduation in may???
dH got mad at me because it's his money anyway and he will make it work paying taxes, blah blah blah.
he goes to shower and comes back to the livingroom with a box. he'd gotten me a bracelet for valentines day. said that he knows that we owe a ton to taxes, but he's keeping his loved ones first. it melted my heart. i felt like such a bitch.
it's little things like that which make me wonder if i'm being the bitch to the kids and they're responding to how i treat/act towards them. Just a thought....i'm sure i'll try to be nice to the skids and they'll do somethign to piss me off again and i'll say "screw you all", but right now DH has me thinking about jsut being nice because it feels better. i'll always put my happiness with Dh before his skids, but they dont have to feel it i guess.....


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DH doesn't know how to make his "boys" pay things back to him. ss15 is still supposed to be paying $150 back for the laptop Dh bought at xmas with the agreement DH would pay $100 and skid was to pay $200. the only reason he even got $50 was because his grandparents gave him $50 and DH took it right away. he cant get the internet to work so all he can do with it is games. he wont ask me to help him with the wireless so i'm not helping. DH knows nothing about the computer or wireless internet so the skid can keep up his little silent act towards me and i'll keep using MY internet.

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my first thought was to tell him to bring a couple home and send them down the stairs the same time as BM, but then panic struck as i thought of having to take the little darling skids in while she recovered.

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Well, if that's what sson wants to spend his birthday money on, he will learn himself that it's not worth it, especially when he's sees something else that looks better! As long as your DH will stay strong and not give him 100 for his birthday as well as 100 for the balls