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When DH says positively stupid stuff and I want to punch him in the head.

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My dad, his wife,and her son are all coming to my state in the northeast for a visit in September. They usually make the trip once every couple of years. My dad hates to fly, so they have a travel trailer that they haul and stop and see friends and relatives as they make their way across the country. When they get to my state, they usually park their trailer at my Aunt and Uncles and stay there. This will be their first trip back since my Uncle passed, so not sure if they will be staying there or not. They are planning on staying for about a month.

So I mentioned all this months ago to DH and said I would like to offer for them to stay at our house. He said that was fine, we have 25 acres, so plenty of room for them to park somewhere. I also told DH, that while I'm pretty sure they won't accept the offer, I would also like to offer for them to stay in the house if they want, since we have 5 bedrooms, so plenty of room. He also said that was fine. My dad is cool and if he does stay at our place, will put himself to work and be happy to help DH with any projects that need being done. My dad's wife, is super sweet as well and her son is a disabled Army vet and very sweet and kind (he has to live with them because of his disabilities)

So last night, my dad's trip comes up in conversation and BS7 asks when he is coming again? I said around September 10th. DH turns to me and says, "Please tell me you are not really going to torture me, by having people staying in our house?"

WTF dickhead??? But I had to be A OK with your disrespectful, entitled, manipulative, lying, thieving, slob of a daughter LIVING in my house for 2 YEARS??? And I was suppose to get all excited and be happy that she was staying with us for 3 months this summer?? I didn't even bother saying anything because it most likely would have gotten ugly, and I was tired and not in the mood for a stupid ass argument, but jeepers h christmas.... what is wrong with these idiots??


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"No dear, I hadn't planned on torturing you, which is why I've decided to pitch a tent for you in the backyard for the next month."

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I think it would also be good to have a back up plan/Plan B for this.

Even if they are the most wonderful, easy going people, I think it will be an adjustment for your DH to have 3 extra adults in his home, especially if he does know them that well. While it should be simple and easy, it may turn into a hot mess that will cause more problems. Just a thought...

DH handled my mom staying with us for a month pretty well. I know for myself I would not be able to handle any of his family (besides SS) staying with us for a month.

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I totally get him not wanting people in our house for an extended period of time... I don't even like it. We like our nice quiet days and nights, just the three of us. I hadn't actually offered the staying "in" our house to my dad yet, so I won't do that at this point... because I am respectful of DH like that.

I mean I should just do what he did to me with zero prior discussion.... "Hey DH, just talked to my dad and he wants to come live with us, I'm going to go pick him up now!" Then when DH starts crying (like I did when he told me those very words, except insert "SD" where "dad" is) I'll say "what is your problem? I thought you'd be excited that he wants to come here! He's my DAD!! what do you want me to do say no??" which is exactly what DH said (except of course interchanging "dad" with "sd")

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The difference between you and your DH is that you at least ASK and are considerate of his feelings.