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I'm just going to sit back and watch the sh*t show

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So SD20 got her SSDI retro amount of $2740.00 and supposedly is getting student loan money (or something) so thinks she has $3500.00 to spend on a car. She has been texting DH and Aunt J non freaking stop about a car, driving them both nuts.

So DH just calls me with this "wonderful" idea that SD can send him money and he will buy her this car that is at a little dealer's place down the road from us. He drove the car around today and said it is clean, nice and we DO know and trust the dealer so that is not the issue. The issue of course is SD and her constant shit show of a life.

So I asked DH how he plans on getting this car to SD? He said he'll get temporary tags in our state and drive it and meet SD and Aunt J half way. I said so will SD have the money to register it? Did she ever get license in Aunt J State? Can she afford the insurance every month? Of course he knows the answers to NONE of these questions lol

I know damn well that SD STILL has a license for our state because she told DH last summer that it was too expensive to get license in her state and she would have to take some course or something. I also know damn well that if she skips into the DMV to register this car, they are going to make her get a license in her state. I also know damn well that within 6 months there will be some issue.. she wrecked it, she got 276 parking tickets, she didn't take care of it and engine blew up... it will sure as shit be SOMETHING... because guess what???? It's always something with this idiot.

DH says she needs a car to go find a job because she can't UBER it everywhere. I asked what happened to her job at the hot dog joint on campus. He said she told him that her new school schedule conflicts with the hours there so she hasn't been getting many hours. Um... I know she's not taking night classes, so why can't she work after school??? When I questioned DH, he said well, who knows, maybe she got fired, I don't know, but she needs a job and she needs a car to get a job.

Whatever dude. Ima sit back and watch the shit show unfold and when it does, Ima say "I told you so" like I've said 1,756 times before. Still no clue whether she is seriously planning on quitting college and moving back to our state??? fingers crossed she finds some idiot to be her boyfriend, so she stays in college state.


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Will there be any money to send?
I can’t imagine it will last long in her hot little hands.

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I know right?? she literally JUST got the money on Monday and is has been blowing up DH and Aunt J phone about a car. If she doesn't get one soon, the money will be blown on something else for sure!

DH says he wants to make sure she has a good car, so he doesn't have to deal with the horse crap of her calling every 2 days with some issue. LMAO! She could have a damn Lamborghini and it STILL wouldn't solve that problem. She's immature and unstable AF... but whatever. Not my monkey.

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Don't know if she's waiting until the end of the semester? or if she changed her mind or what? I don't ask because I can't stand talking about her... it makes my stomach turn and that's no fun.

But again, this is what I was trying to stress to DH... she changes her mind every 2 seconds and RUNS with whatever whim her mind stops on. So is it really smart to buy her a car, that she'll register/title license in her state only to turn around in 4 months when she decides she wants to quit school and come back here and have to pay to title/register license car in our state??? Because she won't have the money to do it and guess who's problem it will be??

This will blow up on DH I promise it.

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Are there no car dealerships where she lives? Sounds like a ploy to get daddikins to foot the bill for the new ride, then keep the money for herself.

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I asked DH why she isn't buying a car in her state.. he said she said they are more expensive there. I said.. what???? a car is a car that's the stupidest thing I've heard. Aunt J has been trying to find her one, but they have been looking on Craigslist and DH isn't comfortable with her getting something off Craigslist because if it ends up being junk, he's going to have to hear about it. I told him he's going to hear about it regardless, because SD is too immature, too scatterbrained, too sociopathic to handle the responsibility of a car right now.

But as usual, nobody wants to listen to me... which is why I am here. Sad

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And everybody knows that car title and registration plus taxes are way more expensive in New York state than practically any place else

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Right? But SD does NOT think ahead. She is all about INSTANT gratification. She wants it and she wants it now. Doesn't stop to think how freaking stupid it would be to buy a car in NY, register/title etc in another state, then come back to NY and have to register title etc it all over again.

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I mean DH said it himself... "She needs a car to get to work" so this will be the excuse going forward for every stupid thing he coughs money up for in regards to her having a car.

SD: Hey dad, I can't pay my insurance this month because (insert some lie here)
DH: Well Daizy, I don't have a choice, I'll have to give her money.... because she needs a car to get to work

SD: Hey dad, they impounded my car for parking tickets but it wasn't my fault because (insert some lie here)
DH: Well Daizy, I don't have a choice, I'll have to give her money... because she needs a car to get to work

SD: Hey dad, the transmission blew on my car even though I've been maintaining it faithfully (will have no proof of such maintenance)
DH: Well Daizy, I don't have a choice, I'll have to give her money... because she needs a car to get to work.

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Well, that’s assuming that she gets a job.

My guess is it will be “Dadee, I need gas to find a job”

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Just so much wrong with everything DH told me. He's obviously feeling guilty. He said, well she can't keep paying 40 bucks for an Uber every time she has a job interview. He's acting like she has a job interview every day? That's so stupid. And again, I have no idea what happened to the job she already had at the hog dog joint. When I asked DH about that, he gave some excuse about her hours not working out with her class schedule? Which of course makes zero sense. she could work after school... but whatever. He's been sucked in and when that happens there is no sense in frustrating myself by trying to point out the obvious, because he'll just get pissy and claim I hate her and all that standard rubbish. So just better to sit back and watch the shit show.

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Don’t you just love how he gets angry with you for pointing out the inconsistencies but not with her for lying in the first place!

This would happen with BM ALL when we first got together. She over price things or say how the kids HAD to have something or other.. I’d point out her obvious lies and craziness and he’d get angry at me. I said enough, if she was someone he was doing business with, he never stand for it.
He might get overcharged once but he’d never let himself be taken again. Yet, here he was with BM allowing her to rip him off over and over again.

It finally clicked for him. BM wasn’t even doing it for the kids, she was out for herself and herself only.
SD tried to once to get extra money. I met her at the bookstore and paid for her books directly, she never tried again.

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If your DH buys the car (even with "her" money) then if any little thing goes wrong with it, she will expect him to fix it. She will blame him for everything that goes wrong with the car because she will see it as the car "Daddy made me get."

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Which is exactly why Aunt J doesn't want to be involved in helping her with a car. Her exact words were "I don't want it to be my fault when something goes wrong"

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Poor daizy. It's lather, rinse, repeat with your DH. He keeps allowing himself to be sucked back into the drama. Was he raised with a lot of chaos? Used to the rush of the big red handle being pulled?

Every. Single. Point you brought up was logical and pertinent. Let's hope he calms down and starts using the brain God gave him.

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DH was NOT raised like this. He lived in MIL's basement while he was going through the police academy but she made him pay rent and she did not coddle him and enable him. +

DH's biggest problem is that his dad walked away when he was about 3. DH claims he doesn't care, but his actions and different comments he's made show otherwise. When SD20 was born he wanted nothing to do with her.. remember he and BM1 were basically a couple nights fling.. not even dating. He hated BM for having the baby, demanded a paternity test, hoping SD wasn't his. When he found out she was his, he was in denial. He paid his CS, like a good citizen, but he didn't want anything to do with SD, basically because he wanted nothing to do with BM. When SD was about 3, DH decided he didn't want to be like his father and started being seeing SD.

So you can see where his guilty father gig comes from. He's not only being guilty for himself, he's being guilty for his own father. He always tries to justify it by saying "Well at least she can't say I didn't do anything for her" Like that matters? BM1 does NOTHING for her, and yet she's glorified.. so go figure? :?

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He always tries to justify it by saying "Well at least she can't say I didn't do anything for her"

She absolutely can say that, no matter what he does.

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You would think you DH would of learned by now is he thinking ? Let her figure out how to get a car and pay for it.

What did she get SSDI for ?

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Skids and BS8 get SSDI because DH is disabled. When SD came off when she turned 18 and then when SS came off when he turned 18, apparently they did some type of audit or review and found that kids were underpaid for a lengthy period of time so they got retro pay. SD's would have been more, but apparently GBM/BM took out some loan against the SSDI which they took from her amount. I had no clue you could do that, but of course those scumbags would know and would take whatever they could get their grimy fat hands on.

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No clue.... I asked DH that very question and he said whatever, she's the one who has to pay the student loans back, so if she is going to continue to take the money and blow it, not his problem. But what he doesn't see is that it WILL be his problem when she is constantly coming to him to bail her out. Same shit show as when she was living with us. Same thing I tried to tell him them.....but for whatever reason he continues to allow her to manipulate him. :?