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.... and here we go.... SD drama to ensue

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Ugh.. SD18 is graduating on Friday. MIL is bringing her home from Aunt J's and SD18 will be working at a camp in our state for the summer, then going to back to Aunt J's to start college. Aunt J messaged me the other day, something to the effect that she hopes that SDs few days with us will be good and that she stays away from GBM/BM1 clan. I told her SD18 is an adult, DH and I are not the scum bag police. If SD wants to go hang out with BM/GBM, live with them, worship them, whatever... she's an ADULT, she's going to do it and she CAN do it.

Well apparently, SD18 got a phone call this morning from BM1 who told her that GBM was in the hospital and that she is on her death bed. Aunt J called MIL (who is the gossip queen and is chitty chatty with GBM/BM1) and MIL said not true. GBM is in the hospital, but it's nothing life threatening. Annnnd here we go. Guarantee this is the plot they have schemed to get SD18 back in their claws, and trust me, I don't doubt that SD is involved in the plot. DH just said whatever... she'll do what she'll do, if she wants to run back to the people who have fucked her up, then that's her decision as an adult now. I have a feeling that this 6-8 weeks that SD18 is going to be in my state is going to be nothing but drama... ugh!

On a side note, the gal that used to watch BS6 before he started PreK last year, sent me a message the other night.. apparently she went to school with BM1.. they were friendly but not really "friends" Anyway, she said "WTF is wrong with BM1?" She said that she ran into her at a school carnival and that BM1 looked like she was 50 (she's 38 or 39) and that her face was all broken out and she kept scratching her arms and acting all jittery. Well, guess the rumor we heard was true.. sounds like BM1 is doing meth or some such nonsense. I have no idea how she keeps custody of her other 4 kids, CPS is such a joke. But whatever, that's none of my business.. keep it classy BM!


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I really don't know what DH was thinking. BS6 day care gal said that BM1 used to be a pretty girl back in the day, I said yeah that's what DH said that she was pretty normal back then... daycare gal said "normal"?? No, she was never really "normal" but she was pretty." BM2 isn't a troll either, so there you have it... DH was the typical 20 something guy, just looking for the little cutie to bang... ugh. I need to make him the poster man for young boys everywhere..... ..
"DON'T think with your dink! This could be you!"

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I think it works both ways. Plenty of women on here who complain about their delinquent so's.

My dad said that if women would spend as much tI me picking out their men as they do their shoes, they would be better off. I mean, we all know those people who will be in a room with 200 singles and pick the loser every.single.time.

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Very true!

I guess we all live and learn and hopefully choose better next time.

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Poor Aunt J. She has invested a lot of time and effort and money in SD and it will be a slap in the face if she goes running back to the meth clan.

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Aunt J is tired... tired of SD18... she can't wait for a break (her words exactly) SD has hurt her a lot while with her. I told Aunt J, that's how SD rolls. She doesn't care about anyone but herself. NOTHING has changed.

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Aunt J is a saint to put up with that and still allow her to come back there for school.

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There has to be a secret book that vindictive women are given when they divorce. My BM pulls the same sick, dying stunts to get the kids to go visit her.

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lucky aunt j! maybe you can go spend some time with her!

as far as sd goes, your dh is right. but yes there will be drama. i hope he finds a way to keep bm/gbm out of any conversations w/ sd, and i REALLY hope he totally keeps your conversations sd and drama free!!!

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I love how blunt you are about your monitoring of SD "we are not the scum bag police" LOL

I hope the drama stays away from you at least. SKID Summer's are always frustrating aren't they.