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SD stealing BM's credit Card AGAIN...

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SD, age 17, called DH about a week ago.  She wanted to go to the pet store and get her an emotional pet cat.  Dh told her that he wanted BM to call him to tell him that she could have the cat first.  SD has lied many times and has stated that BM has approved a purchase and she hasn't.  DH was staying out of it and let it go.

A few days later,  SD sends DH a text telling him that she has a kitten now and that BM took her to get it.  Yesterday,  BM calls DH, dh puts the phone on speaker,  to thank him for purchasing all the pet supplies for the kitten.  DH tells her that he didn't purchase any supplies.   BM says that SD just confessed that he didn't purchase the supplies while she was calling him.  It seems that she stole BM's credit card AGAIN.  I am sure since SD confessed after she lied that she will not have any consequences.  

BM changed the subject to SD's college.  It seems that the college SD wants to be a college professor and major in Greek Mythology with a minor in horse back riding something or another.  She is going to study abroad.   BM didn't have excitement in her voice about SD going to college.  I am not sure if it was because she realized that SD had stolen her credit card for the one millionth time or if she knew SD would be wasting her time applying to this college especially with the degree of choice. I am very surprised that DH didn't pick up on BM's attitude.  

DH is very excited.  SD hasn't gotten into any trouble at school for a little over a month so we all should be celebrating.  Now that SD is back to her old ways of stealing BM's credit card, I am sure we will be having some problems at school within the next few weeks.



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I chuckled out loud at the "minor in horse-back riding".

BM here is a professor, she barely works, makes scads of money and steals from her employer with impunity. That might be just the job for your SD!

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The only reason SD is thinking about going to this college is so that she could do the minor in horseback riding something or another.  It is called something else but it is basically just riding horses.    

Maybe that is why BM has stated that SD wants to be a professor because she things SD would be really good at it.*ROFL*

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telling OTHERS how to parent their children as a CPS worker or foster parent "mentor"

You just can't.make.this.stuff.up!  What was that again?  Degree in Underwater Basket Weaving?


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Is your DH on the hook for this Doctoral degree in "Greek Mythology" while studying abroad? I feel like she is much more suited for something like phlebotomy or dental assistant. Less than 3 months of school and then a job. (Maybe that is just all I would be willing to fund!)

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The CO doesn't mention anything about college cost.  BM and SD both have hinted that DH should pay but DH says he isn't going to do that.  BM was too busy putting all kinds of crap in the CO that she forgot about college.  

We have been doing some research to see if she could take DH back  to court for it but it is not likely in our state.  We will have to wait and see what crazy does though.

Edited to add:  Yes, she does need something that doesn't require a lot of time in school.  Dental assistant may be good but I will NOT be going to that dentist.

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My niece is a Dental Assistant. It only pays $12-14/hr but it was also only 3 months of school. She is going to start to work towards her BS in Dental Hygiene, and they make great money. I am just a big fan of a tech school that give you real life skills and something you can build on when it comes to kids that really have no purpose in life. I am also a huge fan of trades, but I don't see your SD becoming a welder or plumber or electrician! LOL

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a road flag person.  Oh wait. you'd have to pay attention and listen on those walkie talkies otherwise there would be an accident.  scratch that.

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I have three very emotional pet cats.  A rescue senior bombay old man who has separation anxiety, A rescue snowshoe blue point siamese who is afraid of humans and a rescue bengal youth who likes to bite (I guess you can call that emotional)

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This college mostly caters to the weathier kids. It does have a  few crazy off the wall minor degrees. I did mention that the degrees were not related but no one else seems to have a problem with it.   SD had mentioned it earlier to DH that she was going to minor in this degree and I thought he had misunderstood.  Nope, she can get a minor in horseback riding.  The school calls it something else but basically it is learning how to ride a horse properly.  

SD is very smart.  She has the potential to be a straight A student. She is just very lazy.  I am not sure how she is going to do on the SATs it just really depends on the day and if there is someone/something to blame for not getting a good score.

I am not so sure how she is going to be a college professor.  She can't threatened to beat everyone's a$$.  She can't get into a fist fight or shouting match with a student or skip school when things go wrong or when she forgets to take her meds.


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Equestrian Science?? LOL

And you don't study to BE a professor. You study to be an EDUCATOR. Then you typically have to get your master's degree and, in some cases, a Ph.D.

I don't think people get degrees in being a professor.

This is just hilarious.

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I am still wondering why BM hasn't told SD about this.  BM has a couple of college degrees and knows the ins and outs of college.  I am assuming BM may think that SD isn't going so she just lets her do and say whatever she wants.