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Was a great weekend....

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Well our weekend was great! But started off rocky....

SD called me at work around 2 on Friday...She asked if it would be OK if she came by the house to go swimming. She met a boy, he is 19, she is 16, dad knows and i am very nervous so figure we could go swimming at the house, if this is OK with you...She sounded very nervous on the phone....Now I knew she was texting this older boy from my BS21, she told him. So I told her i would talk to her father and get back to her. I called DH and spoke to him....He said he told her no because it was our weekend. I have to say I felt bad, she is not experienced with boys at all never mind an older boy and thought it would be better if she wasnt alone with him. She is very self consious of herself, dated one boy and his mentality was about the age of a 10 year old boy. This is a 19 year old, in college, ahhhh WTF are you thinking DH...So i agreed on this....BS21 and girlfriend were going to be home and figured he could get the scoop on this guy....

So DH and I had dinner plans....I told SD that BS21 was going to be home and they could come by to hang with him and girlfriend. She was very happy and told me how nervous she was. Well the night went well. When we got home we met this boy lite a fire and hung out with the kids for awhile. The boy went home and SD started talking to me alot all about the date. She was very excited. DH was tired and went to bed and we were all still talking. It was midnight and BS said to SD I'll take you home now...I said its late just stay here and we will take you home tomorrow :jawdrop: She said thank you SM....We had a great talk, she was so excited about this boy, hardly talked to DH....And when he went to bed i had a little mother daughter talk with her...I told her I know I am not your mother but just be careful, this boy is older, dont let him talk you into doing anything your uncomfortable with, we talked about birth control, boys and whats on there mind and after our talk she gave me a hug and thanked me :jawdrop: ...

I dont know why I allowed her to stay, I dont know why I had this long talk with her, but my motherly person came out with her and it felt good....Next morning BS took her home and DH and I had a amazing rest of our weekend. Wed we are having a cook out and i have invited SD to come....We are heading in the right direction....lets hope it steps...


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Great, maybe she can switch her focus to normal things, like boys! That is awesome you got to talk to her like that. Stay strong though, people with disorders swing back and forth a lot. My SS19 (he's got a drinking problem) has more than once had a great day with DH and then that night gone out and gotten in trouble. It's weird.

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It sounds like it is all working out. So glad. I think you had to do everything you did to make him and her wake up...Good job.

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I hope so...Still taking baby steps and DH knows there is no move back in date in place for a very long time....But this is working very well and I will continue to do this....

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Baby steps - don't fall too much though - when the relationship ends (don't mean to be debbie downer and all) but she is 16, this likely isn't the last boyfriend, its going to be hard to stand your ground if she gets her heart broken and is prone to crazy attachments.

Glad you had a great weekend though!!

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^^^This! About time you had a good night with SD around though, you definitely deserve it!

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I have thought of all of that....Espicially since he 19 and she is only 16....She is all goooo goooo gaaaa gaaaa right now....Time will tell and I will cross that bridge when i come to it since i know I will.....I hoping for now to just enjoy this....Its been so long since i got to really enjoy my DH....I'm taking this full force!!!! But still taking those baby steps....Thanks everyone....Love this place!!!