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Happened again

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So weekend was great...No children except my oldest home from college and he was out with friends all weekend....Had lots of fun with DH, it was great...Picked up SD 16 for cookie day Sunday we had a great day...she was nice, fun, laughing, dancing to christmas songs it was so nice...Brought her home and just relaxed...Then the call came in....11:15 last night we get a call from again a crying SD who is fighting with BM once again...Well after picking her up of course DH and I couldnt go back to sleep till like 2am so this morning I said "what are you going to do about this one now?" and he finally said its over shes not going week days or Sunday when we have to work so just every other Friday and Sat....This conversation should go well tonight with BM...Thank god I'm working till 7:30 thats all I have to say...But dont know why she would fight SD told us Friday she wasnt home all night, Sat she wasnt home till Sunday morning...Then why have her there by herself...I mean seriously....So I just hope DH will stick to his words and end this now...This should not of happened and i think DH finally saw the light and got pissed off with this garbage....I told him I do not want any drama for the holidays so fix this now!!!!! he agreed....We will see...

Other than that all went well this weekend, have 1 more gift card to get and I'm all set...Did my baking this weekend and I'm pretty well good....How is everyone else doing for the holidays???


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Oh yes she did...apparently BM had a man in the house. SD felt uncomfortable and twice text BM at 11pm when he was leaving because she felt uncomfortable BM ignored her so she text Im calling dad to pick me up im tired and want to go to sleep but not with this stranger in the house BM went in her room and said bye...SD told dad there are to many nuts in the world and I was not comfortable...