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BS21 just called me

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SO DH came home and SD16 was already home. BS21 over SD saying I want to stay here. I don't want to go to grandma's.

BS thought for sure here we go. Well he was wrong. DH told her...SM and I need at least one night a week at home with just us. SS21 and SS14 go to there grandma's tonight to, I am sorry if you want to continue living here we need this. SD16 says...I know your right I just hate going there....

OK IDK what else happened at MIL's but HOLY SHIT :jawdrop:


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Maybe MIL wasn't so fun to live with vs visit? Maybe MIL got a little tired of SD herself....

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A job would be a great idea! ORRR she can learn to stay alone. I mean at 16 she is more than capable of being home alone for a few hours, isn't she?

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Granted SD has put you through some MAJOR hell...I think it is sad that the kid has to leave to give you two some time.

This is a huge problem with these biomoms...SD has a biomom but she cannot go over to her house? That just drives me nuts. Naturally...any girl should be with her mother at least 50% in a situation like this.

I know, because my SD19's mom cut out on us and it was IMPOSSIBLE to get any time alone...yet these women call themselves "the mother of the child" really is a joke...

Grandparent's should not be getting the brunt of these maladjusted kids. And I agree with the above poster...maybe grandma doesn't make it so fun...on purpose!

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SD16 is 6 going on 7 not 16 going on 17. I have no idea why she needs a sitter, it is ridiculous but with her anxiety and issues SD does not like to be alone and will not do it.

BM, that is a whole other story, way to long. BM could give a good shit for her but every now and then SD will go see her. She went to see her for mothers day and was gone 2 hours. When she came back she was not happy. They fight everytime they are together. It is very sad!