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Help! My 12 year old stepson "touched" my 6 year old daughter

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Help! My 12 year old stepson "touched" my 6 year old daughter..
Last night I walked into my daughter’s room to find a "surprised" 12 year old boy and my 6 year old daughter. I asked what they were doing, which he replied "cleaning". Call it mothers intuition, but I felt like something was wrong. I went to put my 6 year old daughter in the bath tub, and asked her what they were doing. She then informed me "we were playing that game where we get on our hands and knees" (at this point she was now demonstrating the action, which to be blunt was on all "fours". and proceeded to tell me he got "behind" her. I called my husband into another room, and told him what his son had done to our daughter. We asked the boy what he was doing, and he told us, and said he's done it to her before. His dad did talk to him further about inappropriate behavior, and will not be tolerated. We called stepson's mom over (which they have joint custody) and informed her, which she was also displeased. I don't know what to do at this point. Without getting all involved with the feelings side of this (anger, shocked, appalled etc.) I dont want to look at him, let alone talk to him, and DH says "we can not turn our back on him"..I know that is what i am suppose to feel but i do not. I don't know the next steps we should take should be besides counseling... I NEVER WANT THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN. Thanks for any advise.


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I don't know what to say, other than I'm so sorry for you & your daughter. I wish I had more to offer. Sad

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This scenario scares the hell out of me. My son is 10, my SD is 5..and we are approaching those learning about bodies sexualty age for him. (I may be more afraid than needed as my sister was abused by her half brother when she was 5, I have a rule in my home. never EVER is there to be the SD's and my son in a room with a door closed.) I try to monitor ALL the time because that situation scares me. I know it is part of maturing and growing up but I think the risk of "experimenting" with Step siblings is higher than full time/blood siblings.

I can see where your DH is coming from too..about not turning him away. You probably won't be able to look at him quite the same now either.

I would make sure they are never ever alone in any private setting.

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I would get him in to counseling right away! If its an option for him to spend ALL overnights with BM until you get reccomendations from a professional, I would do that also.

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No offense but no where did is say her SS actually "violated" her daughter and there is a lot of missing information before advice is given to have the "police" "incest" words thrown around. I think if her daughter was hurt or needed medical care she would have taken those steps already. This may be more of the "show you mine if you'll show me yours incident".

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I agree that the girl's safety is most important but we can't overlook that this boy might be very very confused and misinformed.

At 12, yes he may know what's right from wrong, but that doesn't stop his curiosity, physical urges, and the preteen level of maturity to contribute to his actions.

He was wrong to do what he did but how can we identify his motivation if we don't know what he thinks of these "bad" acts.

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I wish I had some advice other than echoing what everyone has already said; counseling and keeping the kids apart.

It's hard to judge your SS's maturity level and his understanding of sexual acts. I believe this sort of behavior, though questionable, inappropriate and certainly fear inducing, is also a part of growing up. I'm not saying it is "normal" because there are so many variables and information missing, but boys his age are at a stage of curiosity (to say the least) and with our over sexed media and society, this is quite common. It doesn't make it okay and it's completely understandable that you are feeling so angry and scared. The boy needs to be spoken to several times. Someone needs to sit down with him and answer his questions, as I'm certain he has many, in a non threatening and non intimidating way. I'm presuming no one even knows WHAT he knows, what he thinks, what his version of appropriate is. Dad should have been at least asking his son if he's had any thoughts.

Sex is an extremely sensitive and uncomfortable subject but there are resources out there that help parents introduce it. There must be more communication.

Stay strong and keep us updated.

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I think it's clear SS knows what he's doing is wrong, as he felt compelled to tell you he was cleaning when you came in unexpectedly. However it's handled, he needs to know it's unacceptable & that it's a crime. I certainly would have him speak with a counselor, while it's still fresh, so that if there have been other things going on...possibly someone "touching" him, it can be dealt with now.

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He needs to be removed from your house immediately. He needs to be put in counseling. Your daughter, you and your husband need to go to counseling. Once his counselor feels he can return to your home, your daughter should sleep with another adult in the room until YOU and your daughter feels safe. After that, you should put a baby monitor in her room and yours until your daughter is old enough to scream, understand this is not appropiate, etc.

That is option one...if the dad and mother do not agree to this, option two is call CPS and get the police involved.

Period. End of story.

Hugs to you and your daughter. Be strong for her! You can do it!

If you do not act and go along w/your husband's guilty daddy wishes, YOU will regret it and your daughter will resent you.

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It would be different of both of them were the same age. Natural curiosity. However due the fact that SS is twice her age is cause for grave concern. Especially due to the fact this it has happened before. Don't just ignore this. Protect your daughter at all costs. Go to counseling immediately. Counselors in most states are 'mandated reporters' who must call authorities when abuse is suspected. DH may not have a choice to have his kid reported.

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I tried that rought in Iowa and they did nothing when we caught ss trying to tough my cuzn daughter no1 helped not dhs councilor no1 til we pressed charges after finding out 13yr old navy ss was sexually abusing my 5yr old bs

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I am soooo sorry to hear this ...
I agree with SMofkknowitall. He needs to get to therapy. But this is not always an option ...

SS had to learn it from somewhere. Is he watching porn? Is he alone a lot? If so, stop letting him be alone because he needs a proper social network. I am about 95% sure that a 12 year old touching a 6 year old is totally taboo in the kid circle as much as it is in the grown up circle of society.
Is there bad blood between DD and SS? Is he resentful of her? Perhaps it is a power thing?

SS11 and SS9 went through a period of smacking each other's parts - yes, totally inappropriate - and when we finally got down to it, it was SS11's way of showing he is boss. We dealt with it pretty quick but this is the time when boys start waking up to hormonal feelings.

I don't pray but I am full of hope that you are able to resolve this.

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I think you brought up a really good point here, although I see both sides and think it really depends on the parent's point of view and knowledge of their children's behavior, emotions, actions, and intentions.

I think the strongest point you make, DPW, is the part about making the 6 year old into a victim...being investigated at that age can be incredibly traumatizing, which is part of the reason why so many CPS referrals don't have enough preponderance of evidence to go through with the investigation. (Sad in some cases where it is real abuse and it gets pushed aside, but it's also good for other cases where there are false claims, to save the child from an embarrassing and in-depth investigation.)

Also it is very confusing for that age because they don't know what the "right" answer is and sometimes look to their adults/parents and try to decide what the answer is that they are looking for in order to get out of the awkward and uncomfortable situation. They have a hard time discerning what is a true event and what someone is telling them happened, especially if they believe they are in "trouble".

I thought immediately about Tonya Craft, the teacher who was just acquitted from a child molestation appeared to the jury that the children involved were not interviewed properly and were coerced into believing they were molested.

Just some thoughts, anyways.

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therapy for both of them, never leave him alone with your daughter, more time at bm's, "your body belongs to you" type books for your daughter, and some serious punishment for your stepson that extends to his mothers house. I dont think this is a police issue, but i do think it is something that you need to deal with immediately, all adults present.

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I caught my ss making a video of 2 of my bs instructing them to touch each other, we sat all 3 of the boys down and had the talk about what's right and wrong this was about a yr ago... my ss treated me and my family horrible and my husband always said we cant turn our backs...i always felt its turning your back when nothing is dont...we found out few weeks ago ss has been sexually abuseing my 5yr old disabled BS... my husband called cops instantly and we pressed charges... its hard we both feel different its his son abusing my son i still don't know how to feel!!! Please watch her close from my experience they dont stop and getting ss help was impossible until charges were pressed now he in kid jail til figure out where he will go...i want to cry everyday the thought of ss admitted to details of abuse and feels as he did nothing wrong and tonight husband ask me are we buying ss Christmas !!!!!!!