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Update: the bad advise was not bad advise

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SO talked to SS about the homecoming drama. SS was not upset anymore because he said that this has helped his popularity . He was exited to talk about to SO because now more people like him because they are mad at the friend who asked the girl who SS was going to ask and now feel bad for SS. This kids gets all the breaks. Unbelievable.


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Do you think his luck will follow him or is this him peaking in high school ?   This kid is so shallow.   

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Popularity is like that sometimes... The ones caught up in the drama become popular. The ones in the middle of friend things. Your SO talking to his son sounds like a good thing, in this case and I would take it at that. Maybe if he talks to his son more they can bond more. Because up to thus point SO had been missing the mark with his son. In a crazy turn of events something he did worked with his son. He could learn from it. 

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Kid and parents need to worry less about homecoming and sports and more about grades imo. Once HS is over none of that matters. What's the future plan for this kids?

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A kid needs to work their own solutions to hurt fee fees as they navigate the HS social scene.

This time, it apparently worked out for ss.

Stay tuned. These things are rarely a one and done thing.  There will be more.