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Additional sports fun

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SS got yelled at and benched the entire second half of the his footbal game for not blocking. Then when SO called him he said that was not what happened. We saw and heard what happened and so did everyone else ar the game. 


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Oh boy!  Can't even admit his failure to block.  How much longer before you escape this dysfunctional hot mess of a family??  

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I guess he is learning something from SO. How not to take blame for anything. 

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My ss did the same thing in hockey. He thought I wasn't listening but the coach got mad at him for not listening (per the usual) and when I asked him he mad a dumb face (per the usual) and lied. Even after I repeated everything the coach said he still lied. Well, guess who's not playing hockey this year. Not wasting my time if you're not trying. 

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SO is finally starting to get agitated with it. But I am positive that nothing will change. There is thousands of dollars being spent, absurd amounts of time being wasted, and still no respect from the child.   If he gets cut from the baseball team SO and BM will just find another. If football doesn't work out he would probably try golf.  Nothing will ever change with their superstar child.  No way is this type of life for me. I can't stand the way they do not parent.