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Think about this if you only answered yes or no or with the least amounts of words you could. If you never asked about your SOs day. If you decided to not sleep in bed with your SO. If the only thing the two of you discussed was say it is TV show you both enjoyed and absolutely talked about no other subjects.If you asked to be driven to and from work but didn't say thanks see ya later, love you.  If you did no housework. If you had pets and never helped take care of them. If SO bought you gifts and gave you cards and not once did you even draw a heart on a post it for them.

My friend said Run

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So as you all probably know I am obviously taking my time leaving. I can't bring myself to say the words. But last night my friend said I need to run fast. She is worried for me and I can't see it the same way. She said his obsession has turned into possession of me.  My friend and I were out dinner and he called saying he was still at work and it was already after 5 and was over an hour away.

Always looking for an ulterior motive

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Do a lot of you jump to conclusions as soon as something happens odd with the skids , ex ,or even SO?  For example SD has hardly talked to SO for months. Christmas rolls around and all of a sudden she is nice and polite to both of us for the last couple of days .And by the way she did not get a car like I thought I saw I wish I could think maybe there is a change of heart but I don't I go to what is she up to. 

How do I tell him I am leaving

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How do I tell him I am leaving when he has actually gotten better but I know it will never be enough for me and I am always worried about what to say or not to say.  He was so good hosting my family for Christmas . One of my gifts was this sweet book he put together with pictures of us and sayings. He has pretty much stopped completely running SS on nights that are not his. He has pulled way back on texting BM. It is basically only two times a week unless is an update on a schedule time. Within the last month there has basically been only 3 actual calls with BM.

He’ll do depending on their time

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I don't say anything anymore and I know why. SO is supposed to take skids to church tomorrow for Christmas Eve. It starts at four and if you are late you have to sit in an annex building and they are pissed about going anyway. I am not going I am spending time with friends. I wanted to know what time he was leaving so I could plan my night. You know to avoid skids as much as possible. He said the time he was going depends on the skids. I stupidly said you need to be there at four so you need to plan a time with them to leave because it is busy.

I see a huge problem coming

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SO and BM never had had a CO alL they did was agree on a certain amount of money a month and had something done legally with that. SD just turned 16. She got her permit. I saw a third car parked in BMs driveway . I am assuming on where it was parked SD got a car. But anyway my question is if BM comes after SO for money does he have to pay anything?

Getting out

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Just want to say if any of you are new in the SP world and have not moved in or married your SO and there are already issues please think long and hard about moving forward. You can look back at my posts and see what I have been through and continue to go thru while I am planning my exit. Today is a new battle. SO want to take SD to dinner for her birthday. I told him to just take her and SS by himself so that it is not tense.  I will be here at the house for cupcakes when you are done with dinner.

Why can’t he stop

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SO just can't understand I am done hearing about his kids. I told him to not mention to me anything about what he is getting them for Christmas. See we don't agree on what and how much he spends on them especially when they don't appreciate or say thank you. But he is now continuously telling me what he has purchased and what he is purchasing for them. I walk away but then he says what is wrong. I say I don't need to hear it and then it makes him angry at me.