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Things not working out

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My new job is not what I expected.  They are a mess with everything and I am being expected to do more then I was supposed with way more responsibility. And my boss just seems off. I don't know how it explain. It is like she is almost mean. I know that sounds strange. So I am worried I will have to look for another job because this one is already stressful.  I can't look at the apartments by where I work until mid October but now I don't know where to look especially if I have to get a new job again.

Am I just taking everything the wrong way

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SS has another out of town game for travel baseball. SO and BM where supposed to take turns going out of town so it should be BMs turn but she can't because SD has a homecoming dance.   As you know SO does nothing with SD anymore but immerses himself in SS sports. And not that I will be here but we have a vacation planned In November. SO has a dog that he got 9 years ago before him and BM divorced. So part of the deal was she kept the dog when he had to go out of town for work and it is also his kids so it is their responsibility also ,ha.

Doing something not so nice

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I normally am not a mean or vengeful person. I want to do something not so nice but need to see if I should or if it is beneath me and would be like I have no class. And since I am leaving anyway I want to get a point across.  BM did the thing again as I am sure most people have seen my post where she is not going to talk to SO anymore and in less then a week she is texting everyday .  I want to text her and say does your DH know you text your ex everyday and what is it you want from him that you can't just make a schedule and quit the daily communication.

No connection

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I am just wondering how may of your SOs  if having always been in their childrens lives seem to have no connection or bond with them and Don't really seem to know much about how their own kids feel about things or things they actually like and don't like. Plus SOs that are uncomfortable with the kids when they are around but will do anything they can to see them?

Update on fight

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So it has been a week since the fight between SO and BM. She said she was done communicating with him. Guess what not one peep from her all week and things were easier with the schedule . SO told SS the days and times he would pick him up and what he was able to for him this weekend. Of course I saw it as easier SO sees it as not knowing what his kids are doing even though he talks to them everyday . Not my fault he doesn't have a relationship with them.  My stress level was down .

I need good vibes

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I need good vibes that the closing on my house comes soon . This new job seems like it will work out and I found 2 nice apartment building near my work that I should be able to afford. SO told me that now that BM says she isn't going to talk to him SD is not going to come around at all. He actually said because I am also a stress on him it made the fight worse. I said I had nothing to do with your sick son and the fight with your ex. I said SD hasn't come around since March how all of a sudden can  it be any worse that BM is not talking to you.

Dirty shirt question

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Wondering if I should say something about the dirty baseball shirt that SS put on a hanger . We got home after 10 pm on Sunday and SO had said for SS to just leave his clothes by the washer. SS was going to BMs the next day. There was no time to wash them before he went back to BM and he decided to take them to BM to be cleaned. Whatever. I noticed he did not take his baseball shirt that he will need on Saturday. He hung it up on his closet door like it was clean. Irresponsible if you ask me. It should have been with the dirty clothes or it should have went with him to BM.

More sports fun

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Well everyone knows I am trying to keep peace until I settle in my new job and can move out. I am away at this baseball tournament with SS new team. We drive 5 hours to get here after a longer and harder next to last day day at my old job. SS did not talk the entire time we stopped to eat and he had his back turned to us. We get here and we don't know any of these parents and 8 of 11 of the boys all go to school together       So they all know each other. I don't want to do this.

This kids and sports.

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I so cannot wait to get out of this relationship. The SS is supposed to have for all games on Wednesdays immediately after school.  So yesterday when SO and him get home after football and then baseball practice. SO told SS to tell me the great news about his football game. Great news to me would be game is canceled. No news was game was changed to later and I could come. So because I need to play along for a awhile here is am with no dinner and watching the kid harldley play and run away from the ball. Just keep letting him join more and more sports. U