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Disrespectful or being a teen?

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I am not sure if this was SS being disrespectful or just being a teen. Last night I was in our bedroom and SS was getting ready for bed . We have three cats . Not that I wanted three but I brought mine with me when I moved in and SO wanted a kitten. Then my dad passed unexpectedly in March and I have his cat. SS just  ignore the cats and the dog that was already here when I moved in. He showered and when he went back into his He started being loud and say no come on  and it sounded like he was hurt and  just a bunch of noice .

Deciding to stay for now

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So I have decided to stay for awhile and see what happens. SO is starting to see more and more of what he has done wrong in the past that needs to change.  After my stay in the hospital they have put me on medication that is helping my moods . I have started to talk to a psychiatrist and I am seeing that a lot of my anger is because of losing my DH . I have to accept that I don't have that same life anymore. I also have to accept that I can only change me. I also can't control the BM and I know he would like to ignore her but can't so I have to stop fixating on it.

Update on consequences for not staying

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Yes I have not left my SO yet. He is starting to figure things out and realize he is definitely being taken advantage of. But what this is post is really about is that we think we figured out why SD15 does not want to stay and I wanted to see if anyone has an opinion on what to do about this. Since Easter my SO has probably saw her for a total of 3 hours. She has not stayed over night. I have only saw her for about 15 minutes the other day since I try to avoid the situation and let her and her dad be together when she decides to see him.

Consequences for not staying

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Need advise. SD said she is not going to stay over tonight again but wants SO to drive her to tumbling class. He is going to drive her but wants to let her know that this is not okay with him. He has asked my advise and I don't want to give it but also if he keeps asking I want to say the right thing. I think if she is not staying then should start finding other ways to get to her activities. He thinks this too but doesn't want to sound cruel. I know I should care anymore but I wanted to see what others would do.

Hospital Visit

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So all of my work and home stress landed me in the hospital with chest pains. Thank God it was not a heart attack. They kept me overnight and are still running test. I am almost certain it is just stress but heart conditions run in my family and I recently started having high blood pressure. Even on medication it wouldn't go lower then 150/110. Here in the hospital it is hanging around 125/78.Imagine that no stress no high blood pressure. My body doesn't even hurt as much.

To good to go to practice

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SO had it out with BM yesterday. She called to see how they were handling driving SS to his first local practice for baseball. This is one of three teams he is on. It was not a night we have him but since SO is a doormat he said would take him. But then BM said just so you know he only want to go to This first practice and then no more for this team. He feels he is already good enough for this team and only wants to play and not practice. SO also said that SD better be coming down to stay Saturday for Easter there can't be any excuses. BM said it is up to SD.


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Can anyone tell me if they have ever a time that there is no drama or something to be upset/worried about ? I feel as soon as we are at a good place within a few days there is something that comes up. 

Am I being to sensitive

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Things have been going really good with me and my SO . I feel like I am getting thru on things that he thought had been okay for the 8 years he had been divorced but are not okay now because he has another person in his life ,me. But yesterday I had a meltdown for an hour . SS was asked to fill in in the older team for baseball. We had nothing planned because BM is out of town for long weekend on couples getaway with her fiancé and we knew we were responsible for the kids. So SS obviously let his mom know he was asked to play on the older team because he is exicted and that is fine.