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Well we talked… right before leaving for a weekend trip

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I decided to not just give up on marriage and have a talk about how I felt used, unappreciated and unloved. I spoke about how we should be a team and if things are not concidered my responsibility (from his stand point) then why do I need to ask for help and thank him (or SKids) for helping do it. I was told that I am too demanding in how I want things done so they stopped helping. From my viewpoint, I just want things done right, light cleaning the entire toilet and not just inside when telling me the bathroom is cleaned.  

So glad I joined this site! Here is my story…

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I am a childless woman in my forties and knew my DH since high school but we have only been married 3 years. He has primary custody of kids, SD15 & SD20 live with us 90%of the year. BM walked out when SD was 5ths old to be with another man. MIL helped raised SKids, but also spoils them.