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Insurance Question RegardingAdult SK

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I have a ?. I have an SK19.5 that does not live with us. He lives between his girlfiends and his Aunts. He has graduated and works when he wants to for a couple of farmers. He is covered under our health insurance. Are we responsible for his hospital bill because we carry the insurance? He only has contact with my DH when he wants something. Im worried because he has went to the ER multiple times in the last few weeks for stupid things and we have a very large deductible


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he is not in college my husband wanted to keep him on for 1 more yr to allow him to get insurance at his job (that he quit) so we cant take him off till next yr now we did not sign anything. He texted his dad and told me about going to the ER and we also saw his facebook posts. I think with obomacare we can keep him on till he is 26 but that isnt going to happen.

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You are not responsible but that doesn't mean the collection people won't come looking at the deepest pockets. I am actually working now on a deal in Medical Billing space and trust me, when the bill goes unpaid, they go after anyone they can.

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why is he still on your medical insurance if he does not live with you?

since he decides when he "wants" to work and doesnt work a real 40 hours a week job, why would you enable this action by handing him medical benefits.

and oh by the way, if he does not live with you and is carried under your medical insurance which I assume is provided through a employer (and subsidized by the employee) that you can actually be dropped for having him riding on your benefits but not living in your home? And when they drop you they will drop everyone on the plan.

Becareful here, Im up against this very situation right now and as soon as sd graduates Ill be calling HR to drop her. Im not risking my benefits and my families benefits for a kid that doesnt even live with me. If she wants to act grown (or in your case if He wants to act grown) then I believe they should get all the reality life can muster.

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that's not true, they can be married and not living in the home as long as they are under 26. the only stipulation that I am aware of is if their place of employment doesn't offer health insurance.

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Married and under 26 is still insurability? Seriously? And what about their spouse and spawn? And their pets? Where does it end??

J.k. About the pets. Smile

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my husbands HR policy stated that you could cover a child until the age of 26 due to the obamacare guidelines.. my DH and I argued about it and its his insurance and he decided one more year. Im just worried that we will now have to pay all of his bills.
We cut him off completley money wise when he moved out except for the insurance. He only shows up at holidays and birthdays etc because he wants money but as he has found out we dont just hand him over cash so he refuses to come around. He made an "appearance" at christmas and was TICKED that he got a card with a $25 gas card in it.

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You may not be legally responsible, but that won't stop you from getting collection calls on medical bills he doesn't pay. The Dr. office will use the named person on the insurance policy. It happened with us and SD. We removed her at the next open enrollment window after age 19 because we were tired of the calls/bill and being unable to get a hold of her. Why not put him on his own individual plan and agree to give him so much a month to cover the premiums. That way it will be in his name and you can slowly move him to being totally responsible for his own health insurance now that he is an adult.