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Contempt Filing - how did you word yours?

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SO and I were filling out the contempt paperwork to file on HH for the last few weeks of shit that she's been pulling with visitation and denial and all that.

We could go to a lawyer, but I don't think it's necessary and I'd be the one that would end up paying for it as SO has no money to pay for one at this time.

Our is pretty much a blank motion paper and you fill in the blanks and write what you want.

Just wondering how other people who have done their own contempt filing have worded it?


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We didn't file our own Contempt motion but I did read and re-read it plenty of times.

Pretty much just put in the facts: According to the CO (number) that pertains to (skid names), on page (number) paragraph (number), it states that SO is entitled to parenting time as follows:

(copy direct quote of CO)

BM has violated this order by denying parenting time on the following occasions:

-Time 1
-Time 2

Then ask for what you want (be it make up time, whatever - or just a general statement regarding what the courts normally order for these types of violations).

You might want to at least consult with an attorney. When you are filing contempt and win, you can oftentime get attorney's fees paid by the BM.