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How do I get my DH to just “get over it” (family vacation)

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Every year, we take a family vacation for a week at the beach. Over the years, SD has gone out of her way to chip in for whatever she can afford… she has brought some of her “significant others” with her on vacation, which is fine. She’s been with the same guy for going on three years now… he’s from TX (we’re in PA) he’s a great guy, they make an awesome couple.

This year, his family is coming to the beach the week we will be there. His dad and step-mom and some brothers, wives and their children are renting a large home (actually the same house we rented last year) it’s about 3-4 blocks from the place we’re renting this year.

My DH is all kinds of uptight about this. He is used to having “our own” vacation and we have repeatedly brushed off other family members who have tried to join us on vacation… but those were offers to “split” a house between families for vacation… these people aren’t STAYING with us… I think that there’s a big announcement coming up (engagement, I think… I’ve got my fingers crossed) and I want him to just chill about the whole thing. Even if they do want to join us for whatever we do, what’s the big deal?

He is so “this is OUR vacation” he can’t get over the idea that we will be meeting our daughter’s possible future inlaws for the first time (I’m so excited! Why isn’t he??)


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Maybe hes scared he won't like them and be stuck having to spend time with people that make him feel uncomfortable. I would go with the flow because you may be right and it could be leading to a big annoucement. Or him may not be ready to hand over his little girl to the man in her life. Its hard to get two familys from different states together at the same time. So the timeing makes sense if your wanting to tell someone something and you want everybody there.

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I tried to explain to him it's not like we have to "entertain" them the whole time they're there. We love going for our walks and then beach and then 'whatever' we decide to do... so if they set up camp on the beach with us, that's great... the 'whatever' part I think is what he's worried about.

you may be right though, he may be stressing over lots of stuff... (she's 31 and has been living on her own since she went off to college the first year, I sure hope he's not upset about letting his "little girl" go!)

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LOL… I didn’t realize it was a … “wow” kind of thing, I mean they’re not staying WITH us…(we’d have to rent one BIG house if it was all of us under one roof)

I think I’m just thrilled to have people to distract me from having to deal with my freeloading step-son, his freeloading girlfriend and their out of wedlock baby, who will all be joining us once again this year for vacation as well! (where DH is ALL ABOUT The grandbaby and overlooks the laziness of his son and the girlfriend!)