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YSD18 Graduated

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Father's Day was ok, YSD ended up actually staying the night on Sunday (shocker!). It was pretty icky weather so not too much to do outside. YSD didn't go out once, DH did the grocery shopping for her of course. I kept myself very busy with some yard work in between rain showers, running errands, going for a walk and to the gym and reading/watching shows I wanted to watch on my own.

DH and YSD played board games, no, thank you - you enjoy time with your daughter...

The trampoline being unused was brought up, it can be sold and she would pocket the cash was the option since this is the time of year to sell it. She's only going to be here a couple days next week, then goes with BM on their annual family 3-week trip to their cabin, then will be back here maybe once then she's off to college. She sat there looking like she was about to have a panic attack - really!? I emphasised that she will really want that cash for college and the trampoline shoudn't be sitting out there for another year, this time totally unused. DH said she can let us know when she's back here next week. Next week, the discussion of the things in her room she no longer wants or can wear will happen and two bags will be provided to her:  trash or donate. If she doesn't go through her stuff by the time she leaves for college then we will decide for her (we'll for sure keep the good stuff though and her room for her to use for a year as I agreed to this with DH - I will be moving one of the guest futons into her room though, replacing the single bed).

Her graduation ceremony was last night. Of course, no invitation extended to me (one of my friends was p*ssed about that and is now calling her TD, or Turd Daughter) and I'm a-ok with that. DH said there was so many people he couldn't hardly even see her. He congratulated her afterwards though. His dinner plans with her of course went no where, no one got back to him so he just ended up running errands for himself. I could tell he was disappointed of course - because she is a TD.


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Sorry to hear that. Its good that SD graduated, but sucks that she didn't have the decency to invite you. My DH and I didn't get invited to his SD18's graduation either. I think this is terrible to do to a parent. I don't care so much, as I expected that kind of selfishness from her, but DH didn't and it hurt him deeply.

Its amazing that these kids manage to feed and dress themselves every morning, with their utter laziness and lack of respect for anyone.

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Congratulations on her graduating and being one step closer to independence and adulthood - for your sake.

I'm glad you also have a supportive spouse.

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It's still a nice feeling when one of them is 18 and graduates. Even if she is is complete TD. Hopefully she is one step closer to maturing and realizing she's an ass. 

That's my hope for SS18 who just graduated and couldn't be bothered to even get DH a Father's Day card when this man does EVERYTHING for this 18yr old man-child. 

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But we told you to disengage.  Her actions are a SD normal actions.  It's all SM fault. 
'There is going to have to have a coming god point soon.  DH is going to realize that thing can not go on this way anymore. His excuse are used up.  SD can, will not be able to sit in her room  24 hs a day 7 days a week.  He is going to basically have to decide between SD and you.   A thing BP don't like doing.  But will have to be done. 

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As difficult as they can be, there is nothing quite like when a turd kid with an unfounded superiority complex crashes and burns.

Enjoy the fireworks when that happens.  It will happen. Sooner or later, it will happen.

The beauty of 18 and HS graduation, in most States anyway, is that parent participation in the turd show becomes entirely at the parents discretion.

Buff off the Dr. Phil go to quesion. "So how is that working out for  you?"