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1) DH, after ignoring YSD who got annoyed with him, rightfully so, after I sit down with a glass of wine, "Could you go check on YSD? I think she's mad at me for ignoring her." Cover says, "No." DH, lets out a big sigh. YSD comes back on her own.

2) DH has no car right now (why is this the case for so many DHs?). He needs to do something tomorrow some distance away, on a Saturday due to his own fault. I don't want to entertain YSD. Not my job. Cue DH complaining. Cover says, "Take my car, take YSD and go do something with her. And because you have my car, you'll need to go to yhe store and get some things. I'll give you a list. You could even go to X store." DH likes this. Cover gets almost a day to herself!

And that is all 


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Ha Ha ! My SO has his own car but what I do is on Sunday mornings he takes her to church:  I always think of things he needs to stop and get before they get home. I LOVE my Sunday mornings to myself and even more so when they dont get back until1 or later! Smile